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Winship Lending Reviews

Winship Lending is a free online platform whose endeavor is to match borrowers with suitable and reputable lenders. As a borrower-lender interface, Winship Lending facilitates the lending process so that borrowers can access the best services available.  The products offered by the lenders include short-term and long-term loans, credit lines and other forms of payday loans. The website understands the sensitivity of the personal information that the borrowers provide and therefore client confidentiality is a priority to them. Winship Lending is committed to help you access the best loans on offer. Website:winshiplending.com

Winship Lending is not a direct loan provider, but a loan-matching platform that offers services for free. It is a meeting point of a borrower and suitable lender. A borrower simply has to create a free profile, and fill in the required personal details. The site submits the borrower’s profile and the lender with the best offer is given to the borrower. Since it is a loan-matching website, products are diverse and range from short, mid to long term loans, as well as merchandise credit lines and payday loans.

The platform provided by Winship Lending is very helpful for both borrowers and lenders. In particular, people whose credit score is less than impressive appreciate the service because many of the site’s lenders do not care about negative credits. Among the products offered by the lenders include payday loans, long term loans, medical loans, holiday loans and installment loans.

The Winship Lending model allows for unsuccessful applicants to keep updating their profiles in order to increase their chances of getting credit in future. Also, new lenders are added every day and therefore increasing chances for unsuccessful loan applicants to get lenders.

Through Winship Lending, a process that was both inefficient and tiring has been improved tremendously. The current model is not only, fast but also relatively safe for loan applicants because the lenders are vetted beforehand. However, the borrower out to be extra careful about the crucial details of the loans to ensure they understand all the attached charges and the repayment schedule.

Winship Lending aims to connect lenders to potential borrowers. The borrower first creates a profile with required the personal details. Winship Lending does not charge any fees for the profile. The personal information is in accordance with federal requirements. Further information may be required to help, Company match the client to a suitable lender. Among other details that you should include in your profile as a borrower, it is advisable that you create a profile that convinces lenders that you can repay the loan in good time.

Once the match has been made, the lender may request for more information depending on the type of loan that the borrower seeks. The borrower and lender also negotiate other terms and conditions of the loan. It is the lender’s responsibility to communicate all the charges that the borrower is subject to.

Fees and other terms vary from one lender to another. You are therefore advised to review all the proposed terms carefully. If in the process of negotiation the borrower feels that the terms are not favorable, he or she may pull out of the deal.  As the borrower, you have the free will to either accept the terms or decline.

Upon the approval of the loan amount, the amount is sent to checking or savings account that the borrower has provided in the profile. Also, the acceptance fee is deducted at this point. The repayment of the loan begins during the next payday in accordance with the stipulated terms and payment schedule. Find your best option for cash loan from nation 21 loans.

Winship Lending has stipulated requirements for one to set up a profile in their website in compliance with federal requirements. Other requirements are also intended to help them match the borrower with a suitable lender.


  • Borrower must be a US citizen of at least 18 years of age
  • Valid identification documents
  • Steady income
  • An active bank account to which the loan will be deposited
  • Credit rate

Since this is a platform comprising of various lenders, there may be further requirements that are lender specific. The type and amount of loan the borrower is applying for may also determine the information that the lender demands for.

The website serves as a borrower-lender meeting point. There is a wide array of lenders that partner with the site. As such, the products they offer are diverse and differ even with the kind of loan the borrower needs. It is therefore the responsibility of the borrower and lender to negotiate and come up with terms and conditions that are agreeable for both parties.

Winshiplending.com  and the lenders collect a lot of personal information about the client. In recognition of the sensitivity of this information, Company upholds confidentiality as one of its core-values.

The company also strives to follow all the appropriate federal laws and regulations. Other regulations are guided by the state laws of the state in which the borrower and lender reside in.

Website does not charge the loan applicant any fees to set the profile. However, an acceptance fee once the loan is approved and loan deposited to the borrower’s account.

Other charges relating to the loan differ depending on the lender and the type of loan the borrower wants. The lender will communicate the details of these charges with the customer during the negotiation process.

The Winship platform saves you the hustle of looking for lenders one by one. Since the lenders are many, the borrower can also assess the loan offers and choose the lender that best caters for his or her needs. This being a free online platform saves the customer both money and time.

Winship Lending is also an ideal interface for lenders to market their products to prospective borrowers. Through free online interaction, the lender is able to gauge the borrower’s financial details and determine his or her ability to repay the loan amount that they seek.

In most payday lending sites do not allow unsuccessful applicants to apply for a given period of time. The Winship Lending system overcomes this challenge as the lenders do not have the applicant’s information in their systems.

Winship Lending is a website and all the operations are done online.

The head office is in Marietta, Georgia

The site does not have any promotional services at the time.

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