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Usa Web Cash Reviews

USA Web Cash is a state licensed and regulated loans provider. The company has been providing short term loans to customers seeking alternative means of financing. The application and approval process is brief with an opportunity to customize your loan. With a multitude of positive reviews from happy customers on the website, the lender is committed to upholding trust and transparency.


USA Web Cash is a trusted online lender that specializes in providing licensed short-term instalment loans. It provides two types of loans: bank deductions and paycheck deductions. With this, it provides safer alternative loans to other kinds of traditional cash advances protecting you from predatory lenders. The company is currently licensed to service loans in seven states including Missouri, South Carolina, Utah, Illinois, New Mexico, Texas, and Wisconsin. However, they can assist you obtain a loan in any of the fifty states.

USA Web Cash believes in making the instalment loan process easy. You can either make an application online or by phone. The online application takes a few minutes. Once your application has been submitted, it takes minutes for you to be pre-approved.

Depending on when your documents or verification is received, a final decision is reached within hours, a day at most.  You will be informed through email whether it has been approved or not. Once your application has been approved, the money becomes available on your bank’s subsequent business day.

Applications must be turned in and approved by 5 p.m. CST, on the day you apply. Applications can be made any day of the week from Monday to Sunday. The amount you can be approved for, depends on several factors, including the minimum and maximum loan amounts regulated by your state laws.

At any time, check your application status by accessing your account on the USA Web Cash website. With Company, you have the advantage of customizing your payment schedule to suit your needs. With their installment loans, there are no hidden fees or charges.

You can make your payments automatically, and interest is only charged for the time it takes to complete loan payment.  There are no penalties for paying off your debt early. As you make subsequent payments, you qualify for larger loans.

USA Web Cash loan eligibility criteria vary depending on type of loan and the state you are applying from. If your credit is poor, there is no need to worry. Borrowing depends on several factors other than your credit. Since they do not perform traditional credit checks, you can still eligible.

To pre-qualify you for an instalment loan from, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Possess an active bank account open for a minimum of 1 month
  • Have at least $1,000 in monthly income after taxes
  • Any additional loan requirements as stipulated by state

USA Web Cash provides personal loans on a short-term basis with a value of up to $4,000. Applications can be made via phone by speaking to highly trained and personable associates on (800) 618-6576. Upon application, employment, income and banking information is required for verification to complete your application.

You may be required to email or fax any additional documents but you will be notified in case that is so. How soon you can submit your documents determines how fast your application can be processed.

Company APRs on long term loans vary based on your location. Your repayments depend on your payment schedule and loan amount. On average, when you make biweekly payments the payments will be less than $100.

The interest rate value can range from 182% to 425%. The highest rate is charged if you live within the state of South Carolina and Utah. The lowest rate applies in the state of Illinois. In Missouri, a 5% to $75 amount of the Principle is charged as origination Fee in addition to the interest rate.

In the states of Illinois, Utah and Texas the amount available to you is $100 – $4,000. The length of repayment is 3 Months – 6 Months in Utah and Texas while in Illinois it’s 4–6 Months. In Missouri, South Carolina and New Mexico, the loan length is the same, at 4 Months – 18 Months.

  • The interest rate in Illinois is 182.5% – 425%,
  • In Utah it is 395% – 425%
  • In Texas, 10% is charged to the lender.
  • The amount in Missouri is $100 – $4,000 with an interest rate ranging from 200% – 425%.
  • In South Carolina, the interest rate stands at 425% on amounts that vary between $601 –$2500.
  • The New Mexico interest rate is 200% – 425% for amounts of $100 to $2500.

The interest accumulates daily and there are no prepayment fines if you make additional payments or pay off the loan early. When you have established a successful payment history, as a returning customer, you are eligible for higher amounts. The interest rate also drops by almost half and the number of instalments increase.

In case you skip your payments or they are late, there are additional fees charged. If payments are over 10 days late, according to state regulation, you can be charged up to $30.00. If your bank returns a payment, you will be charged an insufficient funds fee of $25.00. When you fail to make any payments towards the loan, you are considered a defaulter.

In case a loan has been defaulted, the lender can choose what lawful remedy to take against you. Their collection policy varies depending on your state collection laws. Company will not automatically renew your loan. You can opt to initiate a refinancing where standard rates apply, based on state regulations.

The greatest benefits available to you as a USA Web Cash borrower include the following.

  • Instant decision on your application
  • Two modes of application: online and phone
  • Automatic payments from wherever you are
  • Availability of funds within 48 words of application
  • A customized loan payment schedule to suit your needs.
  • No penalties for part or full early loan repayment
  • Your loan activity is not reported to any credit bureaus.

Lender is licensed to lending money in seven states. These include Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas, Illinois, Utah, South Carolina, and New Mexico.

Official website encourages its borrowers to like their Facebook page to gain access to special promotions. Their current promotion is a deal for dad offering cash back on any new loans applied for. From now until 21st June, use the promo code DAD2017 on your next application to obtain this.

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