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United Lending Services Reviews

United Lending Services is a licensed online lender matching platform. Headquartered in New York, they have helped customers with poor credit get an easy access to quick cash for emergency expanses. The lender is dedicated to assisting all clients get a loan irrespective of their credit health. The money is just a few minutes away after completing the three-step application. Website:www.unitedlendingservices.com

United Lending Services dedicates themselves to helping people who have bad credit. It is based in New York City. They help you get approved for lines of credit and personal loans. They provide several kinds of loans including auto, personal, home equity, debt consolidation, military loans and mortgages.

United Lending Services markets itself as the number one loan referral service that deals with sub-optimal credit within the United States. They guarantee you a loan no matter your credit score. They have an excellent track record, delivering exceptional results to their customers.

United Lending Services helps you overcome the difficulty you encounter when obtaining an unsecured loan with bad or no credit. They assist you to find a loan and get approved even when you have been previously turned down. Making the application is free of charge. It is a quick process consisting of 3 steps that takes you less than 2 minutes.

Once your application has been submitted, the company searches through their large lenders database specifically created for sub-prime credit. From this, they match you with precise lenders from all over the United States based on your credit profile and application.

You will be charged a fee of $34.95 if United Lending Services finds lenders who can work with your credit. They guarantee you will either get a loan or have your money back. They are not lenders and neither are they affiliated with any of the lenders you are matched with.

When your application is received and lenders have been found, you will receive a notification immediately. In case your application is rejected, it is because United Lending Services is unable to match you to lenders. However, keep checking whenever you can, because they are continuously updating their database.

Once you have been successfully matched to a lender, you will be required to pay an online one-time referral fee. This payment is not part of your loan payment but it is for United Lending Services having helped you find a match.

You don’t need to have a co-signer to connect with matched lenders because your application is considered as an individual.  In case one is available, having a co-signer increases your likelihood of being approved at lower interest rates.

Any person with bad credit or no credit at all is eligible to apply for a loan with United Lending Services. Your loan eligibility will be determined by the kind of loan you are applying for. In general, for your loan to be processes, the documentation you need includes

  • A funds to order appraisal
  • A Photo identity card
  • Any proof of your social security number
  • Your resident addresses in the past two years
  • Where applicable, a copy of divorce decree
  • A copy of both sides of your green card for non-citizens

Other requirements are as follows.

To assess your income and assets


  • Pay slips for the previous one month
  • Names and addresses of employers for the previous two years
  • Banks statements, mutual fund and investment account statements for the previous three months
  • An value estimate of your furniture and property
  • Source of deposit and explanation on any large deposits made to your bank account
  • Partnership or corporate tax returns if you own over 25% of a particular business
  • Tax returns with schedules for the last three years if you are self employed
  • Year-to-Date Loss and Profit Statement computed by an accountant if you are self employed
  • Your social security award letter in case you receive social security
  • A pension award letter if you are retired
  • A copy of your divorce settlement and cancelled child support checks dating 12 months back if child support is part of your income
  • Current rental agreements in addition to the past two year tax returns if you own rental property

For property information where there a contract existing on a house, the following is required

  • A purchase agreement
  • A copy of MLS sheet and legal description
  • A copy of your listing contract if your current home is on sale
  • A copy of settlement statement (HUD-1) if you have already sold your home

For debts

  • Names, account numbers, addresses, monthly payments and balances on all your current loans
  • An explanation of anomalies on your credit report such as bankruptcy filed within the last 7 years (copies bankruptcy papers)
  • Any late payments credit inquiries in the previous 90 days, collections, charge-offs, judgments and liens.

VA Loans

A report of separation and a copy of DD form 214

The application is free, quick and secure. United Lending Services offers you a guarantee that your application will be accepted by matched lenders. If that doesn’t happen, they ensure your referral fee is refunded in its entirety. With them, you are assured of satisfaction, given that they boast of the highest customer satisfaction rates.

They have friendly staff who are well trained and available to respond to your questions. Though they do not offer telephone support, you can reach them via email. During business hours, you will receive a response between 1-3 hours.

Since United Lending Services is not a lender and instead matches you to a variety of loans, they have no way of knowing what interest rates your lender will charge. When they find you lenders, you can select which lenders to borrow from. Each lender offers different loan terms and interest rates and you can choose what suits you.

Monthly payments are calculated depending on interest rates. Company is not in a position to determine this but online loan calculators can help you compute it. Your location and the accuracy of the information provided in your application determine your loan approval.

unitedlendingservices.com has helped numerous people to access different types of loans. Working with them offers you the following benefits.

  • Customer service available five days a week
  • A proprietary matching process to help you access lenders
  • A simple, secure and fast application process
  • A money back guarantee in case lenders do not approve you
  • A large database of lenders specifically created for sub-optimal credit
  • A safe and SSL secured online application and payment system
  • Ability to obtain a loan even when your credit is bad or zero
  • Borrowing from a company that complies fully with federal and state regulations

ULSC operates from New York but as an online company, it has a database of lenders from all over the USA.

Company does not have any discount codes currently existing for their clients.

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