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Apply For the Nation 21 Scholarship

With the beginning of the academic year 2017-2018, Nation 21 brings fresh hopes to students looking for financial assistance to pursue higher studies. Nation 21 perfectly understands the trouble students undergo to get financial aid and hence to validate their dreams; it has come up with scholarship programs twice in a year to support the deserving candidates.

$2,500 Scholarship Award

It is with great pleasure and sense of giving back to society; Nation 21 announces the award of $2,500 scholarship in total to the five winners of Nation 21 Scholarship Contest ($500 to each winner) for the year 2017. The aim of awarding the scholarship is to offer financial support to the next generation of talent and entrepreneurial skills to achieve a better tomorrow both for self and society.

The scholarship fund can help cover educational expenses of the successful student thereby aiding in giving shape to his / her dreams.

Nation 21 has been in business for an impressive length of time and hence identifies a winner by sight. Nation 21 offers flexible financial offers bad credit cash loans matching service (short & long term both) to small and huge businesses, the fund for individuals meeting their personal needs, startups as well as established businesses. Now, it has designed a path for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to help them live their dream.

The Idea – Who is Behind the Scholarship Program?

A society with 100% literacy rate reaches new highs and if the students are supported to pursue the higher education, they will re-design the status of the country by contributing to its economy and growth. Nation 21, acting to the need of the hour, has decided to provide a scholarship for eligible students.

• Must be a citizen of US
• Must be a full-time student enrolled in accredited educational institutions in the US
• High school juniors, seniors, and graduates are eligible
• Your GPA should be 3.5 or greater. However, having a GPA of 4, meaning a grade will ensure better prospects of getting scholarship
• Must carry a status of good academic standing.

How to Apply

All students requested to come up either with an 800 words essay, info-graphic or a minimum 2  min video on the following topic:-

Why Financial Literacy is Important for Students about Student Loans & Current Economy


Machine Learning in Finance – Machine Learning Vs. Quants ( This Topic Only Applies to Engineering Students )


Instructions: You can create an essay (Up to 800 words), a video or an info-graphic about above topic. A solution must be exclusive and must not be shared anywhere else.

Please include a cover letter along with your first and last name, college name, current academic year, graduating year, contact info, phone no and your intended major. In the case of infographic you can just attach the image with cover letter and if you are planning to create a video then include a link to that video.

To apply, students are advised to submit the application to by OCT 31, 2017 (Deadline) and winner will be announced on 31 Dec 2017

Acknowledgment, Intimation & Announcement of Winners

On submitting your application, you will receive an acknowledgment from Nation 21. Once you are chosen for sponsorship, winners will be intimated via email or over phone or both by 5 Jan 2018.