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Same Day Loans for Bad Credit with Nation21

Sometimes you find yourself in an emergency that requires money urgently. At such times getting a bank loan is not even an alternative because it will takes weeks to just go through your application, which might be denied anyway. Same day loans come in handy at such times and at Nation 21 we endeavor to save you the hustle by connecting you with such lenders of such loans through our free online platform.

Although nowadays number of lenders is high, even for same day loans, bad credit is often used as an excuse for very high interest rates. If you are not careful, the increased rates will worsen your financial situation than it was while borrowing the money. At Nation 21 we are committed to protect you from such exploitations by connecting you with only reputable lenders.

Advantages of same day loans

Below is why you should consider getting these loans:

Instant Money for Bad credit Borrowers

Medical emergencies, spoilt personal car, damaged electronics will never allow you to source for a bank loan and wait 3-4 weeks for a reply. When you apply same day loans with the help of Nation 21, the entire process could be done in a day. Creating the profile takes around four to five minutes. After creating the profile, the team will verify your details in seconds after which you can make your application.

Bad credit is not automatic disqualification

When applying for same day loans, bad credit score is one of the main reasons many people are disqualified. For lenders in the Nation 21 network, your bad credit score is not a deal breaker. Our lenders believe that your financial past should not condemn you eternally. Therefore, if you have a bad credit score but have a steady source of income, they will lend you the money.

Convenience and reliability

The Nation 21 application process can be done through any device that has online access. As such, you can conveniently apply from anywhere within the United States of America.

Nation 21 is a network of multiple lenders. Therefore, there is always lenders available to offer you money unlike direct lending sites. We understand that anyone applying for a same day loan is in a dire emergency. As such, if one lender is unavailable, we will connect you with others that are available.


Nation 21 lenders know that sometimes financial situations change such that you are not able to follow through with your repayment plan. In such instances, they will often let you renegotiate a new repayment plan to help you repay without damaging you financially and hurting your family.

Applying for a same-day loan bad credit

bad credit same day loansThe application for same day loans though the Nation 21 site is a very easy 3-step process. The steps include:

  • Create a Nation 21 profile

Creating a Nation 21 account is one of the easiest things you will ever do. The entire process can be done online in a personal computer, phone, or any other device that can be used to access internet.

  • Requirements to create the profile:

US Citizen You must a US citizen and residing in the US during the time you apply for the loan
Age Be above 18 years of age with a valid identification document
Address Have a verifiable physical address
Bank An operational bank account

Creation and verification of the account will just take a few minutes.

  • Loan Application

After you’re done creating a profile, you can submit your application for a loan detailing the amount and loan type you need. We will then carefully assess your loan application and match you with suitable lenders.

  • Negotiation and Money Transfer

Most times we will get a number of lenders willing to lend you same day loans, bad credit score notwithstanding. We will forward all the offers to you so that you can negotiate and decide on your preferred lender. You will also be able to negotiate on the terms and conditions of the loan.