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Direct Payday lender with No Third Party With Nation21

Unplanned expenses such as car repairs, home repairs or even unexpected medical bill happen more often than you care to admit, making it necessary to find cash to offset the emergency without too much fuss. Bearing in mind that the banks’ lending process is dead slow, not forgetting their strict requirements, you’d rather find a quick and convenient way to sort out your finances.

This is the sole reason why here at Nation 21 we dedicate every waking hour to finding a lender who will give you the peace of mind that you rightfully deserve.

When you use a direct payday lender no third party, you have the advantage of making only one application for the loan in consideration. That means no third parties or brokers are involved. The cost of the loan is low since no broker fee is factored into the loan application process.

You will also benefit from uninterrupted direct communication with the lender, without the third party interface. Your personal financial information is also secure because it remains with the lender who makes all the approval decisions with no further consultation. Consequently, your loan is approved without delay.

No Teletrack Payday Loans

guaranteed payday loan no third partyTeletrack is a consumer reporting agency that provides consumer reports to third parties for the purposes of assessing risk. The information they provide is free to any lender considering your application for a payday loan.

For this reason, lenders reserve the right to a credit check for their own protection. That said, no teletrack payday loans also known as 2nd chance payday loans are available to borrowers, but lenders still run small checks to confirm that you exist and that you have not filed for bankruptcy.

How to qualify

  • Be 18 year or age of majority
  • Be a U.S citizen or a permanent residence
  • Have a steady job or income
  • Have a valid bank account
  • Valid contacts, email, and telephone


  • Easy online application: All you need is access to the internet, a phone or a laptop and you can apply for your payday loan from the comfort of your home.
  • Instant approval: Once you have filled in the online application, no more documents are required to be faxed in for your cash advance consideration.
  • Same day cash deposit: Once your loan has been approved, cash is made available on the same day to your checking account.
  • Easy repayments: This loan comes up for repayment on the next payday, and it’s deducted directly from your account. Therefore, no instances of checks getting lost in the mail.
  • Easy communication: With direct payday lender no third-party, you have simplified, direct and clear lines of communication throughout the term of the loan


  • Payday loans are generally expensive with APR ranging from between 100% – 300%
  • Some lenders are not legit

Spotting illegitimate lenders

A reputable lender must be a member of Better Business Bureau (BBB), this is a mark of accreditation and should be clearly shown on their website.

Please note that the application is free, and if you do not agree with the lender’s terms and conditions it should cost you nothing. Some lenders may ask for interest amounts in advance, and please note that this is fraud.

A lender’s website should have the security feature of https// as well as a locked golden padlock; if these two are missing, then your personal information is not well protected.


When you use our matching company, we cushion you against possible mistakes made in your journey of finding a legitimate lender, by pairing you with a reputable lender that will sort your current financial need while giving you peace of mind.

Additionally, it is very important to be responsible when taking out payday loans, and only borrow what you need at the moment. Refinancing your loan or what we call rolling over is not recommended even though your lender may allow, this is because refinancing will get you into a debt-trap which may take years and lots of willpower to escape.

As a habit, avoid late and missed payments; these will only earn you penalties and fees, and if the lender reports you to the credit bureau, it will hurt your overall credit score.