Rates & Fees

How Nation21 Operates ?

We are a matching service for borrowers and lenders, and do not provide money itself. While we strive to find companies that offer the best cash loans, borrowers should obtain specific information about fees, charges, repayment periods and interest rates from the lender. The lender is required, under federal law, to disclose all rates, terms and costs associated with the loan prior to agreement finalization. Borrowers should discuss the interest rate—which may or may not be the same as the Annual Percentage Rate(APR)—with the lending institution . We offer bad credit loans with APR’s ranging from 200% to 1825%. It can be lower as well for personal loan. The APR may vary depending on state, terms, lender and applicant’s financial standing.

Borrower Responsibilities

Nation 21 loans is fully committed to protecting borrowers as stipulated by the OLA Responsible Lending Policy. We urge borrowers to carefully read all documents provided by the lender and fully understand their responsibilities under the loan contract.

Failure to Repay

If you are unable to repay your money, your company may agree to extend the repayment period or renew the loan, but these options often require prompt action by the borrower. If your inability to pay is related to an emergency or life change, your lender may be willing to adjust the terms of the loan. It is best to notify the credit provider as soon as these life changes occur. Without immediate action, the lender may also charge additional fees, increase interest rates or report you to a credit-reporting agency. A report to a credit bureau may lower your credit rating and make obtaining credit more difficult or expensive. In some cases, a lender may choose to utilize a collection agency to obtain due money. The possible actions that a lender may take in response to failure to repay are described in the agreement. Borrowers should read and understand these possible responses to missed, partial or late payments. If you do not understand these terms, be sure to discuss them with your company prior to signing the loan agreement. Nation 21 is not a lender. We do not offer mediation services and cannot intervene if you fail to fulfill your responsibilities as a borrower.