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Nation21 Loans Privacy Policy

We are grateful that you have visited the Nation21 Loans website at This website is the property of Nation21 Loans. This privacy policy serves the purpose of outlining the privacy practices connected with our website. Anyone is in agreement with this privacy policy when they:

  • Access or use this website in any way
  • Register on this website for the purpose of getting information related to loans, services, and other products from third-party providers

In compliance with the California Financial Privacy Act as well as the Vermont Consumer Protection Act, residents of Vermont or the State of California can opt-out of Personal Information disclosed to third parties by clicking here. However, you should be aware that users who opt out may still receive some offers from us but in strict accordance with the law.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

Personal Information that We Gather

Please be advised that we collect your personal information the moment you register on the website for the purpose of receiving loan information and products from associated third party providers. Under some circumstances, we may collect personal information the moment you agree to this privacy policy but haven’t completed the registration. The information collected may include but not limited to:

  • Your full names
  • Email address
  • Work, home, and mobile phone numbers as well as the most appropriate time to contact you
  • Nature of your citizenship
  • Whether you have attained 18 years of age
  • Your specific time at your current location
  • Whether you or your dependents are active members of the military
  • Whether you own a home or rent
  • Your current occupation, name of the employer, and how long you’ve worked there
  • The total loan amount requested
  • Mode of payment
  • The annual income before tax
  • The frequency of your payments
  • The possible dates when your next two paychecks will arrive
  • The full names and phone numbers of two personal references
  • Any other information that may be required during registration

As far as this privacy policy is concerned, items (j) through (p) captured above will be categorized as sensitive information.

The Use of Personal Information Collected

When you submit any personal information to this website, you have given your consent that we can share the data with associated third party providers for the purpose of completion of your request for a loan, information from the providers, and they are at liberty to use the information in accordance with the law but with strict adherence to the restrictions in this privacy policy. If you submit any information to a third party provider, they are responsible for that information with regard to their privacy policies. Kindly note that Nation21 loans do not offer loan products, information, or any related products or services whatsoever. The exact terms and conditions of loans, as well as associated information offered by a third-party provider, is at the discretion of the specific provider. 

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

Under some circumstances, we may sell, lease, rent or provide the data (excluding the sensitive information) that you submit to us with a third-party provider and we may also liaise with other businesses to offer retail opportunities. These third-party providers and businesses may include but not exclusive to:

  • Email marketers
  • Providers of direct marketing applications and services
  • Telemarketers
  • Direct marketers
  • SMS text-based marketers

At times, we may contract other companies as well as individuals to perform some tasks on our behalf for instance; sending electronic mail, elimination of duplicate information, and data analysis. These agents will have access to the personal information but the access is only for the purpose of completion of the assigned tasks and not any other use.

The personal information will also be used for the purpose of customer service, provision of the requested information, customization of user experience, and to contact you in relation to transactions conducted on the site. Your personal information may also be used for developing our business when the need arises. In addition, we may get information from other sources and combine it with what we have collected on the website. We may also hire third parties to manage our business as well as the website on our behalf.

We reserve the exclusive right to release past or current user information should we find out that a user has used the website:

  • In partial or total violation of the laid out terms and conditions, privacy policy, or any other rules and conditions that we may publish
  • To commit acts that are not permitted by the law
  • If the information is requested for the purposes of judicial proceedings
  • If our business is acquired or sold
  • When we think it’s necessary to share your email address with a third party in compliance with the law in the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

Your registration at the website is an agreement to the Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule which is amended frequently as well as the corresponding do-not-call regulations. Therefore, irrespective of whether your telephone number appears on the Federal Trade Commission Do-Not-Call list as well as other state do-not-call lists, we have the exclusive right to get into contact with you through telemarketing in strict accordance with applicable regulations.

When you submit your personal information on the website, you have given your consent to get mobile marketing including text-message marketing from us as well as third-party marketers as long as the marketing is in accordance with the law. Therefore, even if your telephone number appears on the various do-not-call registries, we reserve the exclusive right to employ text-message marketing with regard to the existing laws. In addition, you are in agreement that we can sell, share, rent, lease, or distribute your mobile data with third-party providers who will use it for purposes permitted by the law as well as this privacy policy.

Non-Personal Information

Upon visiting the website, we can collect some non-personal information which includes but not limited to:

  • The browser you are using
  • IP address
  • The operating system you are using
  • The domain name of the internet service provider

This information is used for the purpose of improving the design as well as the content of our website in a bid to make your experience better. The information can also be used to analyze the usage of the site and offer you personalized products and services. In addition, we can use the group or aggregate information collected in any way as permitted by the existing laws. By using the website as well as submitting your personal information, you are allowing us to share the data with third-party providers.


When a user visits our website, we use cookies to assign unique identifiers to the internet browser in use. Basically, a cookie is any data that will be stored on your computer but it has non-personal information about your usage and the chief aim is to optimize the user experience. If you wish to disable cookies, you can do that on your internet browser. However, in the event where a user has disabled the cookies but is still using the website, Nation21 Loans has the right to keep the data as long as we deem necessary.

Third-Party Links

The website may have some links to third party websites and when you request for loans and related information, Nation21 Loans may redirect you to third-party providers. However, Nation21 is in no way responsible for the handling of the data submitted on those websites. In some instances, you will be prompted to submit information before completing transactions on third-party websites. Since these websites are owned by third-party providers and have their own privacy policies, Nation21 Loans doesn’t bear any liability in relation to their practices. As such, we cannot endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the terms and conditions as well as privacy policies.

Third-Party Offers

Nation21 Loans gives the user an opportunity to access offers, services, and products from third-party providers. In the event where a user demonstrates their interest to get special offers, services, and products in the course of the data collection process, the personal information submitted will be forwarded to the third-party providers to help them give you the appropriate offers as well as to eliminate the need to repeat the data collection process on their website.


The moment you provide personal information on the website, you have successfully opted in to allow us to forward the information to a third-party provider. Upon contact with the third-party provider, it’s your responsibility to tell them how you would like the information to be treated. If you wish to opt-out of having us share the personal information, please click here. If you deem it right to opt-out from receiving communication from Nation21loan, kindly click here. Because Nation21 Loans may have multiple email lists, any user with an intention to unsubscribe from a specific list must follow the instructions recorded at the bottom of an email. However, if you intend to opt-out of all email lists held by NAtio21loans, please click here.


We under no circumstances collect information from users that have not attained the age of 18 years. As such, any user who is below the age of 18 years should desist from submitting any information on the website. We also recommend that guardians monitor the online activities of their children.


All the information submitted at the website is stored in a physically and technically secure environment. When you are submitting the information, as well as when we are storing, and transmitting the information, it is securely encrypted with SSL software. Besides using the recent software to protect the online information, we try our best to ensure the offline information is safe. Nevertheless, the security of online data is seldom 100%. Therefore, we will try to our best ability to keep the information safe but we can’t warrant the total security of the information transmitted to us and the submission is at your own risk. Upon receiving the information, we take all measures to ensure its security and access is very limited.

The entire user information is restricted for office use and access is only granted to employees who have to perform specific tasks. At the same time, employees at Natio21loans are committed to maintaining high-security standards for the submitted data, and any employee who violates the security policies are bound to face the appropriate disciplinary measures. In compliance with the federal and state laws, we will promptly notify users as well as regulatory agencies should we learn that there has been a security breach of our systems. The communication will be through email. However, we may delay the notifications if it’s necessary for law enforcement, determination of the damage, as well as the implementation of remedial measures.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

In accordance with our discretion, we can modify, change, and remove some parts of the privacy policy as we wish. All changes made to this privacy policy will be applicable the moment they are posted on the website. We advise our users to check the website from time to for any changes. If you continue to use this website or accept to receive email communication after we make changes to the privacy policy, you agree in totality to the changes.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

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