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Privacy Policy

Nation 21 employs only the highest standards with regards to the collection, storage, transmission and management of customer personal information. We are committed to ensuring that all personal information is securely handled and is released only to parties that require it to make informed financial decisions. Our Privacy Policy governs access and use of the Nation 21 website ( ) and services. This policy is applicable only to this website and does not apply to personal information when it is transmitted to other websites and organizations. If you use this website, you must be at least 18 years old, a resident of the United States, and empowered to enter into contracts and fulfill contractual obligations. This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time without prior notice, so it is incumbent upon users to check the Privacy Policy upon each use.

Governing Statutes

This website operates only within the jurisdiction of the United States, and therefore only adheres to U.S. laws. None of the services are available within other countries or regions. Any use of this site outside of the U.S. is at the risk of the user. We are not responsible for compliance with local or national laws outside the U.S.

Collecting Personal Information

Internet Usage Data. Nation 21 may automatically collect digital information regarding Internet Protocol addresses, type of web access device, domain servers, browser information and URL.

Cookies. Like many other websites, We may use “cookies” to obtain information about a visitors behavior on the site and shortly after leaving it. Cookies collect only anonymous data used for marketing purposes and is deleted upon closing the browser. Upon subsequent visits to our website, this information may be reloaded and used to help improve your visitor experience. If you do not wish to allow the use of cookies, you may set your browser to refuse cookies.
Web Beacons. Similar to cookies, web beacons track online activity and collect information like user visits and usage patterns.

Ad Serving. We do allocate website space to third parties for promotional purposes. These third parties may collect usage information through cookies and web beacons, and is subject to their privacy policies.

Personal Information. By providing identifying information on our online application, you are consenting to the collection of identity, contact, financial and demographic information. You are also agreeing to allow Nation 21 to collect verifying and additional information from third parties including credit reporting agencies, banks, etc.

Use and Management of Personal Information

Internet Traffic Data. Anonymous data collected from cookies and web beacons do not identify users. This information is used to analyze traffic patterns and improve the experience of visitors using this website.

Personal Information

a.Usage. We typically uses personal information for

  • Identification
  • Personal history verification
  • Match you with useful products and services
  • Contact you

b.Disclosure. We may disclose your personal information to certain third parties for the following purposes:

  • Use by parent companies, affiliates and subsidiaries for marketing or administrative purposes
  • Demographic data may be published to describe website traffic and usage.
  • Personal information is transmitted to lenders who may use it identify users, verify user information, and make financial decisions.
  • Marketing partners may use some personal information to contact users about products and services.
  • Technical services partners involving ad serving, billing, hosting, data storage, fulfillment, site security and email management may also obtain access to personal information.
  • Personal information may be disclosed when our website is legally obligated to do so. This may include a court order or an obligation to protect the property or welfare of third parties.
  • In the case of merger, acquisition or bankruptcy, We may transfer personal information to a successor organization.

Personal Information Security

We have implemented and maintained reasonable security practices and standards to prevent unauthorized access, used, disclosure, modification or destruction of user personal information.

Updating Personal Information

Our service does not permit users to correct previously submitted personal information. In order to modify an application with updated information, the user must submit a new application with the appropriate new information.

Third Parties

Third parties are not necessarily governed by our privacy policy, unless that information is directly provided by us. Users should read the privacy policy of any involved third party prior to submitting personal information and take necessary steps to protect their privacy.


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