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Plain Green Loans Reviews

Plain Green is a loan service provider fully owned and controlled by the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Montana. The company offers online installments loans to customers across the US. Because they are a tribe-regulated lender, they can operate in almost all states of the US. The lender is committed to providing easy and transparent loans to people with weak credit scores. Website: www.plaingreenloans.com

Plain Green Loans is an online lending company that offers short-term loans to customers in the US. The company is tribally owned and doesn’t conform to the regulations and guidelines in their state of operation. The lender promises to fund an approved loan as soon as the next business day. As with most tribal lenders, transparency is upheld and all fees and charges for a particular loan are provided in the loan agreement.

The application process is simple and fast with only a few details to be filled in the online form. The lending company doesn’t have any minimum credit scores for applicants. This makes it very easy for people with bad credit to access a loan.

After the application is submitted, a lending decision is made in a short moment and communicated back immediately. Application status is received via email and successful applicants can get the money on the next business day. However, loan approvals are conditional and they are highly dependent on the verification of the details provided in an application.

First-time borrowers are allowed to borrow up to $1000 while return customers can easily get approvals for up to $3000. The repayments are spread across a predetermined period which can be 10-26 months. During the loan approval process, the lender allows you to decide how you’d want to make payments. The longer the term, the lower the payment amount for each billing cycle. Unlike most traditional lenders, Plain Green allows you to make early payments at no extra fee.

Short-term loans are not to be used as a long-term funding. Although the loans are great in helping people get out of financial emergencies, they must be used responsibly. When all due diligence is observed, short-term loans can be very beneficial.

The requirements for a loan application are lenient and this makes it easy for individuals with damaged or non-existent credit scores get loans. To start the loan application process, you’ll need to meet the following requirements.

  • Be at least 18 years old by the time of application
  • Be a citizen or a permanent resident of the US
  • Have a government issued ID
  • You must be having a stable source of income. In most cases, a paystub serves as the best proof of regular income. But for people who are self-employed, providing several tax return documents will work.
  • You must have an active checking account
  • You should have a valid email address for communication purposes

The installment loans offered by plaingreenloans.com are paid back in small amounts over an agreed duration. For individuals who may be struggling with cash flows, this option may be very beneficial. Unlike traditional payday loans that demand lump sum payment on a single payday, this loan gives you the chance to organize your finances and pay in small amounts. Depending on preferences and income, you can decide between bi-weekly, monthly, and semi-monthly payments. Typically, the most appropriate schedule is determined by the frequency of your pay dates as well as the loan amount.

Upon approval, the loans are deposited into your bank account on the following business day. However, the loan must be approved before 6:00 pm ET for next business day deposits to be applicable. The lender also gives the option of receiving the money via a check, but this method takes at least 5 days to receive the cash.

The loan agreement is very clear and outlines all possible charges applicable to the loan. This is a good thing and borrowers don’t have to fear some surprising charges down the line. If possible, the loan should be repaid as fast as possible to take advantage of the zero prepayment fees. This way, a borrower will only be paying interest for the time they are using the loan.

Plain Green Loans offers an opportunity to customers with weak credit scores to rebuild the score. This is made possible through credit reporting to major credit bureaus. Payments are reported periodically so be careful not to miss any payment.

Because this company is tribally controlled, they are not subject to the laws that govern lenders in your state. If a dispute arises in the course of conducting business, you cannot seek assistance through the normal dispute resolution channels. Instead, they are only accountable to the tribal laws through which you may seek dispute settlement.

Missing a payment will lead to additional charges on the loan in accordance with the agreement. To avoid any extra fees, the company offers the option of making direct automatic payments debited from your checking account. Alternatively, payments can be made through debit cards, money order, and checks.

The rates and charges will depend on the amount borrowed as well as your credit history with the lender. Typically, the APR can be as high as 438%.

There are several charges that are applicable to the loan as stipulated in the loan agreement. Late fees and insufficient funds charges are some of the penalties the company charges. However, there are no penalties for paying the loan early.

The application process is fast with a convenient approval timeframe. The funding is quick and this can be a good option for people with an urgent need for finances. Online applications offer convenience because the process can be completed without wasting time on long queues.

When you are strapped for cash and don’t have enough cash flow, this loan can be a short-term solution. It allows you to make repayments while still taking care of other financial obligations. And when you get better financially, they allow you to pay the total loan without any extra charges.

As a tribally owned lender, the rates a quite stable and they don’t change from one state to another. One attractive feature about tribal lenders is their transparency about charges associated with a particular loan. In most cases, there will be no hidden fees and they encourage customers to be careful with short-term loans.

As a tribal lender, Plain Green is allowed to offer their services in any state in the US. However, the lender may choose not to provide loans to some locations.

At the moment, Plain Green doesn’t seem to offer any discounts to their customers.

  1. Justin A. Gillette

    I had two loans with plain green in past and somehow I was able to pay off as my financial cash flow was good enough. Took a new loan of $1140 couple of month before and paid some installment as well. Still, owe $900 with them as interest rates are very high. Avoid them as it can break you financially.



  2. Raymond M

    Their consumer service is horrible as there is no one to pickup the phone they give to their customers. I needed a clarification regarding the automatic withdrawal they do. I must say they were not clear enough while you take the first installment of your loan from them. Avoid and search for a better alternative as there are many.



  3. Jerry M. Hiller

    I was able to utilize the credit while I was in real trouble for paying some bills last month. I took the money with high-interest rates from them for 15 days. If you are not in good financial condition, then you should look for secured loan option which offers less rates from some other lending sources.




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