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Looking for quick cash? There are several ways to get money in your pockets right now. You can try pawning your belongings, applying for car title loans, raising the limit on your credit card, or borrowing from friends and family. However, these are not the best options around when you need fast cash. Even borrowing payday or cash advance loans is not ideal because of the high fees and short repayment terms, which can ultimately affect your credit. Maxing out your credit card will lead to increased fees, a higher monthly payment, and ultimately damage your credit, making it harder to get future loans. What if you already have poor credit, to begin with, or don’t have collateral for a loan?

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

The better option when you really need a loan is opting for fast personal loans. Personal, the term being used, means you’ll be borrowing the requested loan funds for individual use. In addition, personal loans are fast because you can obtain the funds in less than 24 hours or get your loans by the next business day, even if you have poor credit. For instance, if today is on a Tuesday, you can have the loan funds available in your bank balance by Wednesday.  Often, a personal loan doesn’t take more than a couple of business days' time at most to process.

How can I get a personal loan fast?

The first thing you need to do is find fast personal loan lenders. Right off the bat think of applying for loans, personal in particular, through a loan matching service, for instance, Nation21Loans whatever the state of your credit. The alternative solution to finding loans would be manually searching for a loan business or fast loan lenders online. Not only will this take time, potentially require credit checks, and likely lead to confusing results, but you might not find the best and fastest loan companies out there. The more random loans you apply for, the more you risk your credit.

How to apply for a quick personal loan

Just find an online loan application form for quick personal loans and fill it out. The loan from asks for details used by the fast loan lender to generate a loan offer determined based on certain factors, often outside of your credit score alone. However, some loan services may choose to request credit information in their terms. You can choose if this a good option for you based on your credit score, and any loan history that might show up on your credit report. During a pre-qualification for a personal loan, the lender tells you the amount of money you can borrow, the interest rate, and personal loan terms, including repayment details such as time to repay, fees, and monthly payments. You can often get a response the same business day. In some cases, you can get a better rate on your loan if you agree to a soft credit pull, and still get a response about your loans the same business day.

Which details will the personal loan form require?

  • Personal info – Full names, Zip Code, Apt. or Suite Number, street address, loan amount, the best time to call, etc.
  • Employment details – Employer’s phone number, address, name, zip code, pay frequency, upcoming pay date, etc. Don’t feel hesitant when providing details about your workplace. If the personal lender ever calls, it will be to verify that you work there. They will not demand any personal information or reveal any information about your requested loans, credit, or loan term.
  • Banking information – These details are used to verify that you have an active bank account. Most lenders disburse loan funds to your account through direct deposits. You’ll be required to provide your account number, routing/ABA number, account type, etc. This may also be used if you choose automatic withdrawal for your monthly payment, although you may also choose automatic payments with a credit card to repay your loan in some instances.
  • Security information – Lending institutions are obligated to collect identifying data to process loans. The information is used to verify your true identity and helps prevent fraud. Some of the information required, includes your Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number, Date of Birth, etc.  While banks often use this for credit checks before approving loans, the lending business will tell you if any of this will be used for credit purposes.

How does a fast personal loan application work?

Fast loan applications are possible within a business day because of several factors:

1) Online loan application – Filling out the online loan application form is fast and easy. If you have your personal details ready, you should be able to complete your loan request in less than 10 minutes time. The lender also receives the form seconds after you send it if you don’t need a credit check (and sometimes even if you do submit to a credit check).

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

2) Less strict qualification criteria to receive loans – The reason bank loans take so long is because of the long loan process. Traditional lenders take a comprehensive look into your credit history, perform various background checks, ask for lots of documents, hold loan interviews, require fees, etc. Credit card debt can disqualify your loan application. These lenders have a strict process where loan approvals are determined based heavily on your credit and the money you currently have access to. It’s rare if not impossible to get a response for a traditional loan service the same business day; likewise, you can almost always expect a credit check, whether or not loans are approved (and that credit check will show up on any future credit reports). Online lenders for quick and easy loans don’t have lengthy approval processes. You’ll often get a response about your loan the same business day. You’re even approved with bad credit scores or poor credit card history. Some lenders approve loans without credit; loans are determined based on factors other than credit, like employment.

3) Fast funding – Once you’re approved for a bank loan, it might take an additional business day for the funds to be released, even when your account shows a credit for the loan amounts. Online lenders don’t have bottlenecks that take extra time to release your money. After reviewing the loan terms, signing, and submitting the loan agreement, the loan funds are electronically deposited to your personal bank account via ACH payments. The loan funds may clear in less than one business day. Same-day funding is also offered by some online loan companies, and you’ll see the credit for funds appear in hours.

How quickly can I get a personal loan?

You can apply for an online personal loan in less than 10 minutes, get approved in less than 30 minutes, and complete the rest of the loan verification process such as submitting paystubs copies (rather than having your credit history pulled) in under one hour. The entire loan application process takes very little time, where a bank loan application and credit check can take several business days. Review the loan terms and ensure you understand the loans full terms, including any fees, the total loan amounts, time to repay, and your monthly payment amount. Then you’ll e-sign the loan agreement, and get your loan funds released on the same day or next business day.  These personal loans take much less time than even traditional fast cash loans.

Therefore, you should receive the loan amount (the money approved) by the next business day. Applications approved on Fridays, or days that aren’t working business days like Saturday or Sunday, generally have loans funded on Monday.

Pros and cons of quick and easy personal loans 

Pros Cons
Easy to qualify for & convenience
No hard credit pulls for pre-qualification
Better loan amounts and longer-terms than payday loans
Come with higher interest rates
The loan amount might be lower than bank personal loans
Might come with shorter terms of up to 24 months for fast personal loans with bad credit

Why choose Nation21Loans for a fast personal loan?

Nation21Loans is not a direct lender. Instead, we are a business that performs the vital function of matching customers with suitable loan companies. These are all lenders in our network.

There are many reasons to use our loan matching service:

1) Get exclusive access to lenders specialized in offering quick cash loans.

2) Fill out one loan application form that’s then sent to multiple lenders.

3) Receive multiple offers for personal loans. It’s then easy to compare and pick the lender offering the best loan package and loan terms.

4) We ensure the security of your data and any personal or credit information. Our site uses industry-standard encryption to protect your loan information. With fewer loan applications to fill out, the risk of encountering a spammy website or illegitimate loan business is reduced.

5) Save time when you use our service to quickly find personal loan offers.

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Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

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