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Personal Loans for Veterans from nation21

You have done your best, serving our country. In fact, you made huge sacrifices in the service of your beloved country. Often, these sacrifices involve financial difficulty. You try to do things right, to make ends meet, but at times you find yourself in need of some cash assistance. If you are in need of personal loans for veterans, Nation 21 can help out.

We are a reputable, trustworthy, and leading loan matching service with operation throughout the United States. We recognize your service to the nation and appreciate your special needs. We are a customer-focused organization and will help you secure a loan in a simple, quick, confidential, and secure manner.

The Military Lending Act 2007

The MLA limits the APR on loans for serving US Armed Forces personnel and family members at 36%. The Act also banned payday loans which use automated clearing house, car titles or post-dated checks as collateral.

This has resulted in providers limiting loans to US Armed Forces personnel. Unfortunately, the MLA only covers serving military personnel. This has left many retirees’ exposed to unscrupulous lenders.

Get Personal loans for disabled veterans with bad credit

veteran loansThe good news is that there are loans for retired personnel.  These are not any different from other types of loans for bad credit as well. However, to be eligible for the money you must have served in the US military.  And, they have the advantage of offering better terms. There are many types of loans available, offered by the government, non-profit organizations and other specialty lenders.

Features of Veterans Loans

The loans are designed to provide you with an affordable way to meet emergency needs. In fact, US military loans care about the sacrifices you made and show appreciation by giving you, as a veteran, a loan to meet your financial needs

The loans have:

  •  Quick approval
  • Low to no fees
  •  Lower APR
  • Flexible criteria – bad credit no bar


If you have served in the United States military, you are eligible for some of these loans. The thing to remember is that your length of duty will impact your qualification for a loan.  Also, you will be required to provide information regarding the branch of the service you served in and service dates.

The general requirements are

  • Length of duty
  • Credit score. This will depend on the type of loan you wish to apply
  • Prove income, i.e.,  Pension, employment, SSI, investment income, etc
  • Official identification

Online Veterans’ loans

If you served for a minimum of 20 years, or you were discharged on medical grounds, you can get money through the US Army Emergency Relief Program. If you are not eligible for the program, you can look for help from USA Cares which is a non-profit relief organization.

Other potential sources of loans include the National Veteran Association, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Air Force Aid Society, Armed Forces Foundation and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance.

In fact, there is a wide range of cash options for retired personnel. In fact, most financial service providers throughout the United States will offer some kind of specialized product or discount for retired personnel.

Other veteran loan options include:

VA Loans

This is one of the biggest and most recognized government departments. It gives loans and other financial benefits for retired personnel.

Military Credit Unions

These Unions offer competitive products compared with mainstream lenders. An example is the Navy Federal Credit Union.

If you are in need of emergency assistance the organization can help you.

Military Connection

This provides a comprehensive list of resources for US military veterans and their families. It will give you information on loans and benefits for retired personnel. Besides, the information is useful if you are looking for housing, further education, and employment.


If you area veteran facing a financial hardship come to Nation 21. We recognize your service to the nation.  And, appreciate your special needs and can you help get personal loans for veterans. We are a reputable, trustworthy, and leading matching service with operation throughout the United States. We are a customer-focused organization and will help you secure a loan in a simple, quick, confidential, and secure manner.