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Bad Credit Personal Loan at Nation21

The formal US financial system is set up in such a way that it is almost impossible for people with bad credit scores to get personal loans. This may be disheartening especially if you are in an emergency that requires quick cash.

However, if you find yourself in such a situation there is no reason to panic because there are still lenders who lend loans to people with bad credit scores. Nation 21 has created a network of lenders who specialize in offering bad credit personal loans and we connect you to them in a matter of minutes.

Your credit score matters less to our lenders and, for this type of loans, you do not require collateral. All you need to do is create a personal profile on Nation 21 free of charge. Our team will then evaluate your profile and match you with a number of lenders with whom you can negotiate a loan deal that is suitable for you.

We work around the clock to ensure efficiency so that you get the cash at your disposal within the shortest period time and at reasonable rates.

Safe Bad Credit Personal Loans Not Payday

personal loans for bad creditMany people become desperate once they realize their bad credit score disqualifies them from getting loans from main financial institutions. Unscrupulous traders often pry on this desperation to lure the borrower into a deal with unfavorable rates and interests.

In the end, such loans only sink the lender into even worse financial problems. Our platform, Nation 21, consists of trusted lenders payday and not payday that you can negotiate with. The Nation 21 system also eliminates desperation because the borrower receives several offers with varying rates and terms.

It is up to you, the borrower, to decide which offer best suits your needs and financial ability. In fact, the borrower, upon receiving the offers, may opt to decline all of them without any penalties.

Using Personal Loans for Bad Credit to Build Credit

Some of the lenders on Nation 21 will offers you a personal loan in which they report your payment history to credit reporting agencies. Over a period of time, the positive repayment report will boost your better credit rating and possibly allow you to better loans in future.

The borrower should confirm with the lender whether this is part of the deal during negotiations to ensure they get the out of the deal.

Fast Availability of Cash

The bank process is tedious due to the various formalities and heavy documentation that have to be followed. Often, even getting a response on whether you have qualified for a loan takes a couple of weeks. The lenders on Nation 21 offer reprieve from the lengthy formal process.

After creating your profile, it will take a few minutes to be connected to lenders that are offer the kind of bad credit personal loan you have described. The negotiation of the offers should also take a few minutes after which you will avail the necessary details such as your bank account.

For most of our lenders, once the deal has been agreed upon money will be deposited and available in your account within 24 hours.

Friendly Repayment Schedules

While securing a bad credit loan from our lenders, your income is the main determinant of the amount you will be allowed to borrow.

The repayment schedule is also drafted in accordance with how much you earn with the intention of not crippling you financially. As a result, if you negotiate well your repayment schedule should not affect your finances adversely.

Some of our lenders also have flexible terms of repayment such that you can adjust the repayment schedule if your financial status changes in the course of repaying the loan. Others allows you to borrow an extra amount while servicing another loan with them.

This may, however, come with extra charges and therefore you are advised to ensure you know all the details of the deal before signing.


The requirements for one to qualify for bad credit loans vary from one ender to another. However, there are some basic requirements that include:

  • 18 years of age
  • Valid documents proving you are a US citizen: All our lenders currently offer financial services to US citizens only.
  • Proof of physical residence: Some of our lenders operate in only some states. It also helps in case of default and communication through mail.
  • Proof of income: Most lenders will require that you prove you have been working at that place of work for the past 90 days.

Other lenders have other requirements. For example, some lenders do not offer loans to employees of the military while others do not offer loans to those who have existing yet-to-be-paid loans.

For what Purposes can you get a Personal Loans with bad credit?

Our lenders offer personal loans for people with bad credit to cater for expenses connected to your personal life. They include medical bills, school fees, or even a family vacation. Usually, you will not be required to provide collateral.

Finding the Best Bad Credit Personal Loan Lender

The Nation 21 platform and availability of several offers helps to eliminate desperation and possible exploitation. However, sometimes the borrower may be overwhelmed by the numerous offered and get confused on who to pick as their lender.

The negotiation of offers takes place almost at the same time and therefore you must be a careful while choosing your lender. Here are a few points to consider in order to make it easier for you to decide:

  1. Loan limits: the higher the loan limit the better.
  2. Reasonable rates and interests.
  • Flexibility of terms: if you can find a lender that is flexible on their terms the better.
  1. Location: Some lenders operate in specific states only.
  2. Openness: A trustworthy lender is straightforward and will ensure all details of the loan are easy to find.
  3. Reputation: Go to the lender’s site and other resources to check the reviews left by previous borrowers.

Ultimately, you must understand the kind of loan you want and go with the lender that offers the most suitable loan in that regard.