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Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval at Nation21

You have probably found yourself in situations where you have to rely on loans because other sources of funds have failed. At such times, the worry for many people is that they may not qualify for loans because their credit score is not sufficient.

If you rely on traditional loans from traditional financial institutions, you are likely to be stranded when you need a loan and your credit score is less than impressive. This doesn’t have to be the case for you anymore. Several payday lenders are now offering loans for which even people with bad credit score can qualify.

Nation 21, through our network of lenders, gives you access to bad credit loans with guaranteed approval. For this type of loans, your credit score is not among the factors determining your eligibility. Even with your bad credit score, you can get an advance loan amount to as much as $1000 in minutes.

What are Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval?

guaranteed loansBorrowers that apply for bad credit loans with guaranteed approval usually have a bad credit score due to their previous lending history. These loans are ideal for such people because the lenders do not consider your credit score and thus the chance that the loan application will be approved is almost guaranteed.

Instead of focusing on your lending history, the lenders look at your current financial situation such as your income. This is in addition to other basic eligibility requirements.

There are still some factors that could cause your application to be rejected. As such, some lenders prefer to describe these loans as “High Acceptance Loans” because their rate of approval is greater than other types of loans.

Basic Qualifications

The high acceptance rate for these loans can be attributed to the fact that the lenders have minimum requirements for eligibility. The lenders working with Nation 21 operate within the US and therefore the borrower must:

  • Be a US citizen with valid Identification Documents
  • Reside in the US at the time of loan application
  • Have a stable job
  • Have an active bank account

Since the lenders do not check your credit score, a stable source of income is one of the most important requirements.

An Easy Process

The process of applying for bad credit loans overlooks many of the steps and documentation involved in the traditional application process. The entire loan-application process is also done online and no paperwork is involved. This makes the process much easier and faster.

Once our team at Nation 21 has matched you with suitable lenders, the rest of the process depends on your swiftness in vetting the lenders and make your decision. For many of our lenders, the process of loan approval may be over in a matter of minutes. In most cases the borrower is able to access the money a few hours after applying.

Flexibility of Terms

Bad credit loans are designed specifically for people that have a bad credit score, a sign that they are struggling financially. Our lenders acknowledge that sometimes things may not go as the borrower had hoped when negotiating for a repayment schedule. Bad credit borrowers are the most likely to find themselves in such a situation.

As a result, many lenders at Nation 21 allow the borrowers to renegotiate the terms of repayment as they continue repaying the loan. All you have to do is contact your lender and make a new repayment schedule and maybe lengthen the repayment period. This is intended to cushion the lender from further financial problems.

Unreasonable Terms and Rates? Not True

Lenders offering bad credit loans with guaranteed approval are often criticized for high rates and unreasonable terms. For most of our lenders, however, the rates are friendly especially for borrowers whose lending history is clean.

There is a group of borrowers that lenders refer to as “untenable”. These are borrowers that have a history of borrowing money and defaulting payment. If the lender realizes this, then your rates may be slightly higher due to the risk involved. These are people that traditional money lenders would not even consider giving money.

Even for this group, our lenders may not charge a higher rate if they prove that they have a stable source of income that would facilitate repayment. This is why we encourage you to manage a permanent job instead of job hopping.