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The online payday loans service has plenty of scammers out to take advantage of your desperation during an emergency. Sorting through all the junk to identify genuine lenders can wear you away especially when you have an emergency.

But not to give up. Recognizing the importance of payday loans, we at Nation 21 have created a network of genuine lenders. Each of our lenders has been vetted to ascertain their credibility and compliance with the law. Once you apply, we alert our system of lenders of your application and match you with a shortlist of companies that offer the kind of loan you seek.

By doing this, Nation 21 links you with credible online payday loans direct lenders thus allowing you to focus on the emergency itself. Our matching system is based on the offers that your application attracts. Once the proposals are made, the decision on which lending company you will borrow from is entirely yours.

The deal gets even better: this entire process will not cost you a penny. Creating your Nation 21 profile is free and takes just a couple of minutes. Our website also allows you to log in from any device that can access the internet and thus accessible to everyone everywhere in the United States.

What are Payday Loans Direct Lenders?

payday loans direct lendersThese are online payday loan lenders that you negotiate with directly. As the borrower, you negotiate with the lender and prove your eligibility and agree to specific terms such as:

–    The loan amount

–    How long it will take for you to get the cash

–    Rates and interests chargeable

–    A repayment plan/schedule

–    Applicable penalties

Since you are dealing with the lender directly, you are able to create a repayment schedule that will not leave you in a worse financial situation. Often, the loan is spread over a longer repayment period so that you pay small installments per payday. Many of our lenders also allow you to renegotiate the schedule should your circumstances change in the course of repaying the loan.

For lenders gotten through our matching service, if your loan application gets approved on a business day, you should have the cash in 24 hours. The money is deposited directly to your bank account so no delays.

The Convenience of Online Payday Loans Direct Lenders Only

The major benefit of borrowing from cash lenders is that, unlike traditional loans, your credit score does not determine your eligibility for get approved. Instead, the lenders focus on your present financial situation to decide whether or not you can get a loan. If you have a steady income, then your credit score does not matter.

Online payday loans direct lenders will also not require you to secure your loan with a collateral or any other asset. Pawnshops and other lenders offering loans to people with a low credit score will require you to give an item as collateral. Often, the item you use to secure the money is of a much higher value and will be sold off at a low price if you delay repayment even by a short period.

Traveling from one point to another in such of loan shops is a waste of the little money you have. Online Payday Direct Lenders help you save the money by allowing you to apply for the loan from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. All you need is a device that can access the internet.

Repayment of the loan is also much easier. The lender, with your permission, liaises with your bank to deduct the agreed amount every payday. The lenders will communicate with you if there are other means of repaying the loan.

Nation 21 Ideal Platform for You to Meet Cash Loans Direct Lenders

We operate countrywide

Many lenders operate in localized areas like a number of states and unavailable in other areas. It is therefore hard to sort through all the lenders individually to identify those that operate in your area. Nation 21 eliminates this problem as will identify them for you. We even have some operating in the Native Indian Reserves and others that serve specific people such as veterans.

Nation 21 is not a loan aggregator

Many of the advertisements you see offering payday loans are not genuine lenders. Some of them are loan aggregators posturing themselves as lenders. They collect your personal financial information but will not approve or decline your application. They will then sell the information to the lender that offers them the highest commission.

To avoid this unnecessary wastage of time and resources, Nation 21 connects you to awesome direct lenders only. Once you have created your profile and provided details of the loan you desire to borrow, we alert ALL our lenders of the application so that they can make offers. Since there is no bidding, the process is completed in minutes.

Confidentiality Policy

Nation 21 also have a strict confidentiality and privacy policy such that we only provide your personal profile information with the lender from whom you are borrowing money. Our clients’ details are not for sale.

You Negotiate With Lender Directly

At Nation 21 we respect your right to negotiate for your terms for the loan. Once we have received offers for you from our direct lenders, we forward them as they are and do not interfere in the negotiation. Most applications attract multiple offers and the borrower is free to choose any of the lenders.

Types of Loans Available

Our group of lenders is very diverse. Each of the lenders also has different types of loans.

Examples of options offered by the various online payday advance direct lenders:

–    Personal loans,

–    Installment loans,

–    Loans for bad credit,

–    Unsecured loans,

–    And no fax payday lender among others.

The requirements, terms and rates for each of these money offers differ and it is up to you to make sure you have understood the terms before taking the loan.

Eligibility Requirements

Below are the simple requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • A US citizen with valid documents
  • US resident at the time of application
  • Have proof of stable income

Specific lenders may have other additional requirements. Please comply with them and help us serve you better.