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Instant Approval Payday Loans at nation21

When faced with a financial emergency, time is of an essence and it, therefore, becomes mandatory that one is able to get information instantly regarding the lender’s decision on a loan they have applied for.

This is why most institutions offering payday loans have a quick online loan application process that enables them to get back to the borrower usually within 24 hours. Nation 21 is here to help match you with awesome lenders.

Less paperwork with Payday Loans Options

Most of these lenders rely on other factors apart from the client’s FICO scores to approve the disbursement of funds thereby making it less time-consuming. All one has to do is provide proof of income, some even in the form of a pay stub, showing that they are able to finance the loan.

As this is a process that is verifiable easily and online, the decision is then made almost immediately on whether or not the applicant is successful in the loan application procedure.

While some documentation is required, there is usually no need to fax or present any hard copy documents to the lender, as most of the transactions are online based. This also saves one the hassle of visiting a bureau to print or fax the documents required.

Benefits of Instant Approval Payday Loans

instant payday loansThe fact that the lender offers instant approval or rather gives an almost instant response on the successfulness of the applicant to the loan means that funds are then made easily and readily available, usually within 24 hours.

Some lenders operate even on weekends, unlike banks. Therefore, one can still access their services over the weekend. However, if one is successful, they have to wait to access the loaned amount on Monday morning.

Some lenders also look beyond the low credit score of the borrower and are therefore able to advance loans to those whose scores are deemed not so perfect.

There is no asset required as collateral in the case of payday loans. All one needs is some evidence that they can repay the loaned amount plus interest and charges on the agreed dates.

As well as making this a favorable and preferred source of loans for those with no assets to offer as security, it means the process takes less time as there will not be so much security checks done to verify ownership of the said assets.

This also makes it attractive to those faced with a time-sensitive financial emergency as it takes about 24 hours.

Points to Consider When Applying for Loans

It is important to note that while the procedure for applying online does allow anyone and everyone to apply for payday loans, not all applications are successful.

Several factors come to play when determining the lender’s ability to extend credit to a borrower. Some of the reasons that may make the loan application declined include but are not limited to the borrower’s ability to repay the loan, state regulations, age, etc.

Some states require that one be at least 19 years of age while others put the minimum age at 21.

Also, applying for a high amount may be deemed reason enough to decline the application, especially when pegged on the paycheck or source of income that is supposed to be used to repay the loan.


Instant approval payday loans do provide a much-needed relief when dealing with a financial situation where time is of the essence. This means that one can solve the financial aspect of the situation, for example in the case of medical emergency, immediately thus getting the peace of mind to deal with the other underlying issues that may be needing their attention.

While some may be rather expensive in the end, the relief that comes from accessing funds on short notice when you need them greatly surpasses the seemingly high cost of borrowing.

With most banks and other financial taking several days, weeks and sometimes months to approve loans due to the many steps required, payday loans do come as a savior of some sort when one is pushed to the corner by financial emergencies.

Here at Nation 21, we will help you see which lender is near you or approved in your state and their terms of service. We’ll help you get your perfect match. It may just come in handy on a rainy day when you least expect it.