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Direct Deposit Loans Same Day at Nation21

Often times unforeseen expenses may find their way into your life no matter how flawless your budget maybe. These emergencies include but are not limited to: rent that is due, unplanned car repairs, sudden illness or accident of a family member. All these require that you have ready cash in your checking account without further delay, and this is where our direct deposit loans same day comes in handy.

 We at Nation 21 enable you to choose a lender online in a manner that is both confidential and secure as long as you meet the basic requirement of the state you reside in. Furthermore, bad credit in no hindrance as most lenders requirements are limited to proof of income. However, you must have a checking account that accepts direct deposits and transfers, for the purposes of disbursing the loans as well as repayments.

How direct deposit payday loans work

payday loans direct deposit As soon as you fill out an on line application form, be sure to review all the terms of the loan contract, and sign before submitting. This is assessed and if you qualify, cash is deposited to your account as soon as the next business day.

You can apply this type of loan from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. This is also quick and painless even from the phone since the application form takes only a few minutes. You also have the freedom to use the money as you please since there are no restrictions on how to spend the loan advanced.

It is important to note that loan repayment is due on the next payday in full. Nevertheless, there is the option of an extension of repayment terms, which will attract higher roll-over fees when you opt to go that way.

What you require to qualify for a direct deposit payday loan

  • Be over 18 years or age of majority
  • Be a U.S citizen or a permanent resident
  • Reside in the state you wish to apply
  • Have an account which accepts electronic funds transfers


Quickly available – turnaround time for most lenders is 1 business day; this guarantees that funds will be in your account within the shortest time possible.

No additional fees– since cash is deposited directly into your checking account, no additional fees are incurred as would normally be the case when checks have to be cleared with cost.

No credit score checks – Payday loans without direct deposit do not require any credits checks by the lender, so even with bad credit, you are able to access the loan.

Loan amounts-this depends on the amounts permissible by individual states as well as your eligibility but on the whole, payday loans are of small-dollar amounts.

Fees charged– fees charged for this type of loans are state regulated but as a borrower, you still have to pay attention to additional fees charged over the course of the loan as this varies between lenders.

However, when you use Nation 21, you have the chance to choose from our huge portfolio of lenders whom we have already vetted on your behalf.

No employer references – Compared to other traditional loans, payday loans do not require that an employer backs you up to qualify.


 High fees – The APR on this type of loan, is not only upfront but also attracts other ongoing fees, especially if the repayments amounts are not made on the due date.

Disreputable lenders- some lenders take advantage of borrowers who are not informed and inflate fees, therefore, read the application form carefully before you submit to avoid falling into this trap.

Finally, it is important to note that Nation 21 does not dictate the loan term or the repayment schedule. This is the preserve of the lender; our work is to make sure that we match your needs with the best lender.

In the instances where you don’t qualify, we have multiple lenders at our disposal to match you with, in the end, this saves you the time you’d have to use filling out several application forms finding a suitable lender. So if you are in need, don’t hesitate to contact us we are here to serve you.