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At times, you may find yourself short on cash with still a few extra bills to pay while that long-awaited payday is still a mirage. At this point, you are wondering out loud, who will provide me cash. We at Nation 21 have anticipated your problem and we are ready to assist you to get cash til payday loan through our network of lenders.

However, it is important to note that cash advance is not only short term, but of small dollar amounts designed to get you out of that emergency situation,  but not a solution to a long-term financial problem.

How it works

 When you fill out an online application, the requested information will include, your contact email and telephone numbers, bank account and income information. Please note, that with this type of a loan, no more documents are required to be faxed to the lender for approval.

Poor or no credit will not affect the loan approval, but only one loan is to be taken out at any one time.

Read and understand the lender’s terms and conditions, and accept them as binding by appending an electronic signature on approval.

The turnaround time is usually one business day, and funds are either transferred to your checking account, or the loan amount is loaded to your debit card; alternatively, a check is made out in your name

 The repayment amount is generally debited from your checking account on the next payday or on the agreed due date. It is very important to make the loan amount plus the additional fees available on the due date, this way; you maintain good business relations with your lender and avoid penalties.


  • Be 18 years of age or age of majority
  • Be a U.S citizen or permanent residence
  • Have a valid checking account
  • Proof of income

Features of a Payday Loan

cash till payday loansQuick and convenient- whether you choose to walk into a convenience store near you or fill an application online, the process of getting cash till payday is easy, quick and convenient.

Is the lender operating legally? The lender that you choose to be your loan provider must be compliant with the state laws within the state they operate, and you the borrower must be familiar with the same.

Is the lender displaying the interest rates and fees?  All applicable fees and interest rates corresponding to the type of loan the lender offers must be clearly displayed on the lender’s website, even if the loans are all short term. This helps you compare the different rates on offer before you make a commitment.

Can you apply online on in-store?-Many lenders have both options and although online applications are quick and convenient, make sure that the lender you use in authorized in your state.

Cost of a payday loan till next payday

A payday loan has a fixed fee based on the amount you borrow, however, taking out an additional loan with the same lender will attract rollover fees – this is the original amount and fixed fee, plus the fee for the subsequent loan.

Some lenders insist on loading your debit card with the advanced cash, but they come with application fees, monthly fees, and repayment fees. Therefore, it is wise to research on total cost associated with the debit card before you sign up for one.

Late payments:  as much your bank may honor your repayment instruction; it will still charge you for insufficient funds and overdraft charges. Making the repayment amounts available on time will save you a lot of extra costs.

What you need to know

Short term lenders rely on their own scoring criteria based on the borrowers’ payment history, income and ability to pay as opposed to the overall credit score.

 Research the third party reviews online not just the lender’s website claims, to know if the lender you intend to use is reputable

All things considered, cash till payday loans are a fine bridge between that unplanned expense and the next payday. However, with the increased ease of access to ready cash, borrowers are advised to practice responsible borrowing and resist the urge to repurchase an existing loan.

 Additionally, delinquent loans are turned over to third-party collection agencies, thereby damaging business relations with your lender, dipping your credit score to unhealthy proportions.