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Applying does NOT affect your FICO® credit score!


Need $100 before your paycheck arrives? Opting for a bank loan is a wrong move since banks give out personal loans with larger sums of money. Besides, they have lengthy loan procedures.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

The right way is borrowing quick payday loans from unconventional lenders. You can apply for these short term loans online or at storefronts. Finding lenders offering a $100 or 200 dollar loan is easy when using loan matching services from Nation 21.

Alternative lenders have less stringent loan approval requirements. Your credit profile may not be a determining factor.

– Be at least 18 years old

– Be a citizen of the US

– Have a stable source of income that you can prove.

– Have a valid government-issued ID.

Next payday loan companies don’t conduct hard credit checks with the main credit reporting bureaus. They might carry out a soft credit check that is harmless to your credit profile and not visible to third parties.

Increasing your approval rate

Here are some tips that can improve the probability of receiving a payday loan or personal loan online.

1) Check the lender’s expectations.

Each company has a set of minimum requirements. For instance, an income of $750, a credit score of 580, or a checking bank account. Find out what is needed before submitting your application. Call the lender if anything is unclear.

2) Keep your credit scores up

While credit reports are not a big factor when finding payday loans, having better scores helps you qualify for better rates and more money. It’s always a great decision to ask for a copy of your credit report. It helps you understand your credit profile. When you know your credit history, it’s easy to make a decision on loans you should borrow.

3) Have fewer loan applications.

Limit the number of times you apply for loans with hard credit checks. You minimize the impact on your credit profile.

Pros and cons of $100 payday loans

As with any financial product, small cash loans have advantages and disadvantages. A few of them include:

Pros Cons
Quick turnaround time with direct deposits.
Lenient approval.
Higher interest rates than a personal loan from the bank.
Some predatory lenders may take advantage of individuals.

Comparing same day $100 payday loans

Get the cheapest loans by comparing and choosing companies that offer the best rates. Other factors to consider before making the decision include:

1) Duration

Different states have unique laws that govern how long a loan can last. In most cases, expect a duration of two to four weeks.

2) Additional fees

On top of interest rates, loan companies have additional fees. Applicable charges vary greatly and might include loan processing fees.

Ensure that the loan doesn’t come with hidden charges, for instance, pre-payment fees for repaying the loan before the agreed time.

3) Online reviews

Check online reviews to get an idea of the character of the company. Great companies are always committed to serving customers in the best way possible. It’ll be reflected in the reviews.

Responsible borrowing

While getting a 100-200 dollar payday loan is an easy way of receiving a financial boost, they call for a certain level of responsibility. Ensure you can handle the payments within the required time. See, people run into problems because of failing to plan accordingly.

Have a valid reason before you borrow. and create a budget that may help you spend the money as planned.

Thanks to loan matching services like Nation21, it’s simple to find and compare lenders for the next payday loans. Get started with your application today.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

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