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Scrambling to find the cash within one hour can be stressful. Fortunately, online lenders are out to solve this problem by offering quick payday loans. They help customers access small credit amounts quickly and with fewer restrictions.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

Currently, most customers obtain payday loans by applying for them online or in-store at cash stores.

Can you get a payday loan over the phone

Yes, you may apply for a payday loan over the phone. That’s because a number of payday loan companies have customer representatives who you can call and speak to about a loan.

When talking with a loan’s rep, they might ask for information such as your name, email address, phone number, credit type, etc. You usually provide the same details when you fill out an online loan application form.

How to get 1-hour payday loans by phone

The application process for a loan by a phone call is easy and straightforward.  Here are the steps when using Nation21 Loans:

Step 1: Fill out an online application form for pre-qualification

Nation21 Loans offers loan matching services. You’re matched to suitable lenders after providing basic details such as the loan amount, your credit score type, monthly income amount, etc.

Direct lenders in our network, upon receiving your details, will pre-qualify you based on their lending policies. If they want to fund you, they send loan offers to your email address. Some companies will call you directly.

Step 2: Apply over the phone

When you receive an offer to apply for a loan, you’re informed on the next steps you must complete. Usually, the next step is speaking to a loan representative or uploading documents.

The email might provide the customer care number and website address. To obtain loans over the phone after receiving a loan offer, just call their support number.

Step 3: Submit any requested documents

Most lenders ask for documents to verify your identity, monthly income, or street address. They often want copies of pay stubs or bank account statements that you can email, fax, or upload to your user portal.

Step 4: Receive the loan offer

After getting pre-qualified, and approved, you receive the loan offer to sign. With online lenders, it’s a digital document that you will open with PDF viewers. You sign the agreement electronically. Now before you do, ensure you comb over the terms and conditions of the loan.

Step 5: Obtaining the cash

Most funding takes place through direct deposits to your bank account. Some loan companies offer same-day funding, meaning that you can obtain cash by the same day you applied.  Usually, funds are available by the next business day.

Benefits of getting instant payday loans over the phone

You’ll get the same loan structure when you apply for a payday loan over the phone. Still, there are numerous benefits you receive when applying with your phone:

1) Instant response: On the lending decision.

2) Fast application process:  Not more than five minutes and quick access to cash if you qualify for the loan.

3) No paperwork involved: Especially in states where the laws allow for fax less lending terms, which makes the process smoother and less cumbersome.

4) Highly secured: For every bit of information you share, you can be completely assured of complete confidentiality with no third-party interference.

5) No credit check: There are no hard credit checks with most online loans. Borrowers are pre-qualified with soft credit checks.

6) Quick funding: Once your loan has been approved, the money will be directly deposited into your checking account, allowing you to access funds by the next working day.

Where to find lenders for a loan over the phone

By using the Nation 21 website, one can link up with lenders who specialize in advancing payday loans by phone. We strive to update information on our site so as to ensure that the borrower can compare the rates and terms of various companies. Borrowers get the right information required to make an informed decision on who to choose when applying for a payday loan.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

Requirements for a 1-hour Payday Loan by Phone

 As mentioned above, a payday loan is an advance on your next paycheck. This means that one of the fundamental requirements is for the applicant to have a job. For the application to be completed within an hour, the customer has to show proof of employment, mostly in the form of a paystub.

The applicant has to be at least 18 years of age, although this varies state to state. Some states have a minimum age requirement of 21 years for anyone to qualify for the payday loan.

Also, it is mandatory to have an operational checking account or prepaid card. It is the account where the loaned amount will be disbursed to. In most cases, the account is also used to make repayments of the loan when it is due.

While payday loan lenders require proof of steady income to determine one’s eligibility, some allow those on Social Security and/or disability benefits to qualify. Note, however, that military members and their dependents do not qualify for payday loans.

Factors that Affect the Loaned Amount

1) State lending laws

Different states have different rules that govern the amount of money you can borrow from payday lenders. It is important to note what the state legislation is regarding small-dollar cash loans to avoid disappointments when applying for a payday loan.

2) Monthly income

Payday loans are supposed to be paid from your paycheck. It is logical to assume that your paycheck amount is going to play an important role in determining the amount that can be advanced to you.

The lender can’t offer you a loan amount that’s proportionally higher than your income. It serves to prevent any difficulties when it comes to repayments.

Alternative Procedure for Finding Loan by Phone Lenders

We have mentioned that you can apply for your loan through Nation21 Loans. There is a second way but it’s less efficient. It entails finding lenders through an online search.

You’ll have to go over multiple websites or speak to company reps to find out if they offer loans by phone. Also, check the lender’s operating times before calling. Few loan companies have reps on stand by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Loan by Phone vs. In-store Payday Loans

Loan by Phone In-store payday loans
Fast application process.
You can apply from anywhere.
Available outside normal working hours
Funding is through direct deposits to your bank account.
It may be time consuming.
Applications are submitted and approved at the store.
Some in-store payday stores might have earlier closing times.
You receive funds via a paper check or cash in hand.

Considerations before you borrow a payday loan

Payday loans, though very convenient, need to be handled with care. Before you take them out, ensure that you have enough funds to repay them. Some borrowers end up worse than they started. It usually happens when they can’t meet the loan’s one-lump sum payment.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

There are two courses of actions lenders take when you can’t repay the loan:  

1) Rollovers

You might require a rollover if on the repayment date you don’t have enough funds to repay the outstanding credit. The lender might allow you to borrow another cash advance loan to repay the first one.

Still, you’ll be required to pay the fees & interest rates on the first loan. Having your payday loan rolled over keeps the fees piling up. Borrowers might find themselves paying double the amount they borrowed.

2) Extended plans

With an extended plan, you don’t have to repay the full loan amount. Instead, the lender splits your outstanding loan into smaller installments to be paid over several weeks. It’s convenient if the lender stops charging interest over the extended plan.

Read the loan’s terms and conditions carefully to determine if the lender offers rollovers or extended plans. It’s more preferable to work with a company offering extended plans if you have doubts about your ability to repay promptly.

What should I do if I can’t repay a payday loan

When the loan’s due date is fast approaching but you don’t have enough funds, the best course of action is calling the lender and informing them of your situation.

Why is this important?

Most loan companies require borrowers to set up automatic debits, which allows them to deduct the outstanding loan amount directly from your account. If your bank account has insufficient funds, the bank will charge NSF fees ranging from $27 to $35. Furthermore, the lender will personally charge late fees that are up to $30.

For instance, if you borrowed $100 at the average finance charge of $15, you might end up with a bill of $160 that’s way higher than $115.  

High-interest rates for payday loans

Small cash loans have high-interest fees. That’s because the lender is more exposed by lending cash to customers who don’t have good credit ratings. Since they are highly accessible, they might be prone to misuse. For instance, customers who take them out to buy electronics or clothes.

Best uses for payday loans

Now, the best use for these loans is catering for emergencies only, for instance, paying medical bills, clearing utility bills to avoid disconnection, or making repairs on your house before winter.

A payday loan is supposed to be repaid on the next payday. It’s not a long-term credit option. In case you’re looking for long term credit, consider borrowing a personal loan.

Discuss Your Issues with a Credit Counselor

 Borrowing a cash advance loan only offers temporary bridging to your paycheck. Credit counseling might be important when your debts are out of control. There are free credit counseling services offered over the phone.  Get started by visiting the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

Apply for a loan over the phone with bad credit

Will I need a good credit score  (FICO 620+) to obtain a payday loan over the phone?

No, you can obtain payday loans with bad credit. The most important thing to online lenders is your ability to repay the loan. They can determine this by ensuring you have a stable source of funds. That’s why they ask for bank statements to establish a history of repayment for up to 3 months. You also don’t have to authorize hard credit checks during the loan approval.

Numerous lending companies are offering bad credit loans online, and some are part of Nation21’s network of lenders.

Applying for a loan over the phone with bad credit at Nation21

Select “Apply Now” from the main menu or fill out the short form on this page. You can then finalize the cash advance loan process by speaking to loan reps directly.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

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