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Statistics from the Federal Reserve Board indicate that almost 50% of the people in America have credit scores that are way below 680. So if you are troubled by a low credit score, you should realize there are so many people like you.

When your credit score is less than 680, you’ll have such a hard time getting a loan from most credit unions and banks. This means that if a sudden need for cash arises, you’ll have to look for alternative ways to borrow.  Most people want online loans for bad credit due to the convenience they offer. Irrespective of your location in the US, you can get a cash advance through Nation21 and it’s likely that you’ll still qualify even with a low credit score.

What is bad credit?

While most people are familiar with the term “bad credit,” few understand what this is and how the figure is arrived at. Here’s a breakdown of all the factors considered.

  • Total amount owed contributes 30%
  • Your payment history accounts for 35%
  • The credit mix accounts for 10%
  • The length of your credit history contributes to 15%
  • Any new credit accounts for 10%

All the above items affect your credit profile directly. Missing credit card payment drops the score just like taking a new loan for a car will affect it. As you continue taking actions with adverse effects to your profile, it’s likely that your credit score will go below the ideal making it difficult to get a loan from most banks.

At times you can be facing difficult circumstances making it difficult to maintain a perfect credit score. Despite the fact that a low credit score is a big hurdle when getting a bank loan, you can also access credit from other lending institutions. The good thing is that you can build your credit with time.

Finding a right loans for bad credit online

loans for bad credit onlineUnlike when you have a spotless financial profile, the options available for people with bad credit tend to be less than perfect. Most lenders focusing on the subprime segment are payday lenders with stores spread throughout the US. However, there are some that have an online platform.

But when there are so many lenders around, it can be overwhelming to settle on a genuine lender. The problem gets even bigger with online applications because of the sensitivity of information you’ll be submitting. There had been reported cases where applicants have been scammed after dealing with unethical lenders. Before you make an application, it’s important you consider the following.

Always ensure that you are working with a lender who is authorized to operate in your state of residence. To start with, look for online reviews and inquire from friends and family members for feedback on the lender. There will be some lenders who try to bypass the state laws by operating from offshore locations.

The lender should ensure a quick turnaround time to facilitate convenience when dealing with an emergency. At Nation 21, we have ensured the online platform is easy to use and the application and lending decision takes a short time. After the loan is approved, you’ll get your money in one business day.

The loan service provider should provide you with clear and straightforward terms. It’s unfortunate that some untrustworthy lenders will apply hidden charges on loan. Before you sign the deal, make sure everything is clear and nothing seems suspicious.

How it works

Unlike typical loans, loans for bad credit online are designed for people with damaged financial history. This implies that credit checks are not a prerequisite for the loan approval. However, a lender may conduct a soft credit check to know your credit history, but it doesn’t hurt your credit scores.

The most important factor is your ability to pay the loan and this is determined by the level of income available every month. Since the application is online, it takes only a few moments to get feedback.


Online loans for bad credit may be just what you need to get past that rough financial patch. However, most people don’t realize that responsible borrowing is necessary for safeguarding your economic future. It all starts before you take the loan by ensuring that you are dealing with a trustworthy lender who is committed to helping customers.

At Nation 21, you’ll find a great service aimed at helping you handle financial difficulties with ease.