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Applying for loans through the traditional bank process can be tedious, exhausting and frustrating. There is a lot of paperwork involved and the verification process takes too long. The eligibility criterion for securing a loan in traditional financial institutions is also very strict. Therefore, if you have financial issues such as bad credit, you may endure the loan application process for weeks only to be informed that you do not qualify.

You don’t have to go through such an exhausting process anymore. Today you can get easy personal loans in a short period from online lenders. Through Nation 21, you can get connected to online lenders that have quick and easy packages that cater for people that would find it hard to access credit through other avenues. All you have to do is create a profile on our site today.

The Traditional Loan Application Process

When deciding who to lend money, traditional financial institutions focused on minimize incidents of borrowers defaulting on their loans. Banks and similar institutions, therefore formulated procedures that would eliminate high-risk customers, i.e. Customers that were most likely to default.

Unfortunately, the efficiency of the process depends on some features that were quite inconvenient to customers that require quick and easy loans.

Credit Checks

Banks will check your credit history every time you apply for a loan. The lower the credit rating is the lower your chances of getting a personal loan. As a result the application process therefore condemns a lot of people for past financial decisions. This eliminates a lot of borrowers that have the potential to repay the loan they are requesting for.


To eliminate chances of fraud in the lending process, your loan application process goes through various officials. Having all these levels of authority verify your paper lengthens the application process.


Even today, many banks require you to present hard copies of some of your documents. You are also required to fill some of the application documents. As a result, you need to travel to the bank and apply in person. This takes up much of your time and resources.

Collateral and Guarantors

Even if you have a good credit rating, it will still be hard for you to get a loan in banks if you do not have a steady income. If you do not have a source of income, you need to either provide collateral or have your loan guaranteed by a relative or friend. Such requirements further complicate the application process.

Easy Personal Loans by Online Lenders

For those that cannot endure the bank loan process, there is some good news for you. Internet lenders have filled the gap that was created by the bureaucracy of older financial institutions. A lot more people are now able to get an easy personal loan with bad credit.

Internet lenders and other informal lenders have been able to offer quick and easy loans by eliminating or substituting some of the steps of the application process.

ChallengeOnline Lenders Solution
PaperworkOnline lenders do not require a lot of documents. You can send soft copies of the necessary documents through email.
BureaucracyOnline lenders have teams that work together to assess your details within the shortest period possible. There are no official ranks involved.
Traveling to the bankWith internet lending you can make the entire process online eliminating the need for visiting the lender in person
Credit checksWhen need be, credit checks are done online
There are also easy personal loans for those with bad credit history
Time wastageCreating an online account takes a few minutes to be approved
Your loan can also be processed and money availed within one business day

Nation 21 Quick and Easy Loans

Online lenders have made the loan process much easier than the old process used by banks. Nation 21 strives to make the online loan application process even easier.

Nation 21 has a collection of online lenders who have been vetted and found to be reputable. The team acts as an interface between the borrower and prospective lenders.

The entire application process takes place online and is done in three easy steps:

Create a Nation 21 Profile

Creating a Nation 21 profile is the easiest thing you can ever do. All you need is an internet enabled device and your personal details. Very few personal details are required and you can finish in less than 10 minutes.

Once you send the request to create your profile our team will verify your details and get back to you in a few minutes.

Apply For the Easy Approval Personal Loans

After your profile has been created you can now apply for the type of loan you need. The team will evaluate your application and hook you up with lenders with suitable offers. You will then negotiate with the various lenders and choose the one that you find has the best terms.

Get Money in Your Account

The next step is for you to finalize the terms with your lender and have your money wired to your account. Most times the money is in the borrowers account within 24 hours.