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With a busy schedule, a car is not a luxury but a necessity. When your car breaks down and needs a major repair like a transmission system, you need to decide whether the repairs are worth making quickly. While some people will opt to get a new car, it’s not always feasible especially when your car is relatively new and you are still making payments.

With the current financial situation, most people find themselves stranded since they are strapped for cash. Borrowing then becomes the best alternative to meet the car repair expenses.

Although you can take a loan from your bank, it’s not obvious that your application will be approved. With Nation 21, you are assured of getting the right car repair loans and we’ve helped people who have been denied loans by banks. This is possible because we believe that your credit score shouldn’t deny you a chance to borrow.

Getting a car repair loan from the bank

While it’s true that credit unions and banks can give you a loan at a low interest, most of them have rigid rules regarding credit checks. This is where most people get turned down because you need to have spectacular credit scores to qualify.

Assuming you have a perfect credit score, you will need to wait for some long weeks before your loan is approved. All this time your vehicle will be grounded and you’ll be using public transport to get to work.

In addition, the hard credit checks made by these institutions will lower your credit score and this will, in turn, dim any hopes of borrowing in future. For most people, this inconvenience is unacceptable.

Using a payday loan for your car repairs

Depending on your level of income and financial obligations, a payday loan may be appealing at first. The fact that the application and processing take little time makes it even more enticing to most people.

As long as you have a steady income, most payday lenders are willing to give you the money you qualify for. In some instances, you can get funded on the spot while a majority of lenders will deposit the funds into your account within one business day.

Payday loans are not designed to take care of big expenses. When the time comes to repay the loan, you might be shocked to realize the benefits were short-lived. To start with, a payday loan repayment date is synchronized with your payday and you are expected to pay the amount in full.

This means you’ll have to put up with a significant reduction in cash flow on your next payday. But if you miss the payment, you’ll be spending a longer period servicing the loan due to the additional charges for a rollover.

The best alternative to car repair loans

emergency car repair loansThe ideal car repair loans should be fast and convenient. And at the same time, the lender should not only credible but also be able to offer a favorable repayment program. When dealing with huge expenses like a car repair, the last thing you want is a lender who’s making unrealistic demands when the time comes to pay back the loan.

At Nation 21, our sole commitment is to help our customers get a loan that will help in dealing with the financial difficulty. In addition, we ensure that you get what you can manage depending on your financial status. This not only cushions you from getting into financial crisis but also safeguards your financial profile.

With a secure and easy to use online platform, you can get approved within minutes of application. Once your application has been approved, funding usually happens on the next business day to ensure you get your car fixed immediately.


Sometimes, you can find yourself in need of cash to handle automobile repairs even when you have a job. The process of getting a loan can be smooth and fast if you are working with a credible lender.

If you are accustomed to using your car to go to work, it could be awkward to take the bus after your car breaks down. Therefore, you want a lender who understands the emergency of your situation and helps you immediately. But before you rush to submit an application, first do a thorough research on the lender to ensure you are safe.