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In Washington State you can only borrow 30% of your monthly income (gross) or $700 total depending on which one is less. Over a 12-month period, you can only get 8 payday loans. You cannot receive another loan if you have an active installment plan. In case you are unable to make your loan repayments before the due date, you can request for an installment plan at no extra cost. All payday lenders have access to your updated loan information available from a state-wide database.

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Nation 21 Loans connects Washington state residents with the best priced online loans from online companies. These loans offer you lower interest rates compared to other short term loans. Our bad credit loans are especially crafted for people with bad or zero credit score. What counts, is that, on each billing cycle, you make small payments towards the loan principal and interest. Our terms are clear and transparent, and the loan payments are friendly and spread over an agreed period. No credit check required and you can pay back at your pace.

How it Works

To enable them get the money they need, Nation 21 Loans connects Washington state residents with the most fitting online companies. A bad credit score doesn’t hinder you from qualifying for a personal loan.

Filling in the application form takes only 5 minutes. Once successful, a notification is sent indicating that the necessary information to match you to lenders has been received. Creating a profile, applying and connecting with a lender is free. You only need to prove you are above 18 years, have an active checking account and income details.

You can borrow amounts up to $10,000 and enjoy the best APR rates within your state, in addition to customizing your payday advance  payment. You are encouraged to examine lender’s offers thoroughly, before accepting.

Lending Regulations in Washington State

The Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) in Washington State governs and licenses lenders under Wash. Rev. Code Ann. 31.45.010 et seq. which specifies,

  • The maximum loan term is 45 days and the maximum fee allowed is 15% on the first $500 and 10% on amounts above $500.

The collection fees you pay are $25 NSF fee and other costs

  • If lenders intimidate or harass you with criminal prosecution in the process of loan collection, you can file a complaint.
  • No rollovers allowed and the cooling off period is 1 day after repayment, 90 days after completing payment plan or 45 days after your 5th loan, within 180 day period.

Washington’s Average Credit Score

Washington’s 2017 FICO’s credit score was higher than the U.S average at 682. Presently, 90% of the residents have an improved credit score.

Population and Demographics in Washington

The 2016 US Census Bureau’s Washington state population estimate was 7.3 million. 80% of this population is one-race white, followed by Asian 8.6%, and African Americans at 4.1%. Of the population, female residents were 50.2%. The median age is 37 which is comparable to the 2014 national average of 37.7. About 60% of Washington state population lives in the Seattle metropolitan area.

The Economic Indicators in WA

Washington State is an agricultural state. The State produces 64% of the apples in USA and ranks second to California in wine production. It is also the nation’s number one cherries and pears producer. Manufacturing is a key sector with the state being a leading producer of aircraft and space equipment. It also manufactures computer and electronic products. As of April 2017, the state’s unemployment rate is 4.6% with Seattle at 2.6%. According to the US Census Bureau, the median household income annually was $ $64,129 in 2015. The State’s per capita income was $33,486, higher than $29,979 US per capita income.