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Payday loans are the most popular short term loans in North Dakota. Most residents in need of quick cash use these loans to help them sort out their short term financial issues. They are known as quick fix loans because the loan process is fast and they offer immediate cash. In fact, they provide a unique solution to your short term financial requirements including emergency needs.

Online Installment loans in North Dakota

Installment loans are the preferred option for borrowers in need of higher short term personal loan amounts and a longer repayment period. Many borrowers find them more attractive because the loan repayment is conveniently spread out over a longer period of time. This eases the financial pressure and also makes them cheaper than other short term loan options. Moreover, the loan process is easy and fast, and the cash is available immediately. Furthermore, you can access these short term loans with bad credit.

How it works

An adult US national or permanent resident with a regular source of income can apply for a payday loan online from anywhere or visit an in-store in ND.

Nation 21 specializes in matching all types of borrowers to top rated online lenders that quickly provide the cash they need. We help residents of North Dakota to get the best personal loans to meet their financial needs. We are a trusted and leading matching service in the US because we are customer focused and dedicated to providing high quality services. Our loan process is easy and very quick. Most noteworthy, you get the cash immediately.

Lending regulations in North Dakota (ND)

Payday loans are legal in North Dakota. The North Dakota Century Code, section 13-08-01 governs all payday lending in the state. The law requires payday lenders in the state to be licensed.

The law restricts the maximum loan amount to $500. However, you cannot get a payday loan if the aggregate of your existing cash advances exceeds $600. The law limits the loan term to 60 days. A 14 day $100 will attract a maximum finance charge of $20. The maximum annual percentage rate (APR) for $100, 14 day loan is 520%. The rollover fee limit is 20% of the amount to be renewed.

Average credit score

North Dakota has an Experian average credit score of 700.  93% of the residents have improved or good credit, while 7% has bad or declining credit. The mortgage applicants’ average score of the state is 723.

Population and demographics

The US Census Bureau July 2016 population reports show that North Dakota had 757 952 inhabitants. This was a 12.7% increase in the population since 2010. North Dakota is the state with the highest percentage growth in population since 2011. It is the 47th most populous state in the United States.

The state’s population is composed of 82.7% white American, 8.7% Native American, 5.6% African American,5.1% Hispanic, and 3.0% Asian American,

Economic indicators in North Dakota

North Dakota had a GDP of $52.1 billion in 2016. The per capita GDP was $62 837.The states real GDP contracted by 6.5% in the financial year 2015-2016 as opposed to a 1.5% national growth for the same period. The unemployment was 2.5% in May 2017.

The agricultural sector is the main driver of the state’s economy. It accounts for almost 25% of the economic base. North Dakota is the largest producer in the United States of many kinds of cereals such as barley, durum wheat, all types of combined wheat and oats. It is also a leading producer of oil seeds and soybeans. Other agricultural products include sugar beets, honey, peas, beans, lentils, and potatoes. Other major industries are technology, petroleum and food processing.