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Do you ever find yourself in a tight financial situation and in need of quick cash? Most people do, and in such a scenario, many residents of New Hampshire use payday loans. In the US, cash advances are a popular way to meet short term financial needs. This is because the loan process is easy and quick. In fact, it takes only a few minutes, even for those with bad credit. Furthermore, you get the cash immediately.

Online Personal Installment loans in New Hampshire

These short term loans are popular in New Hampshire because they offer more flexible terms and also provide higher loan amounts. The personal installment loans are repaid in installments which are spread over a longer period of time. This makes them more convenient and cost effective for those who want a longer duration to repay the loan. Also, the loan process is easy and quick, and the cash is immediate.

How it works

Residents can access cash advances online or from the nearest store lenders. In New Hampshire, payday loans are available to adult US citizens or permanent residents in with stable income.

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Lending Regulations

Payday loans are legal in New Hampshire. New Hampshire Statutes, Cap 399- A, section A.1 – A.24 governs all payday operations in the state. Under the Act, payday lenders in the state must be licensed.

The law set the maximum payday loan amount at $500. Also, the loan cannot be renewed, extended or refinanced. The law prohibits lenders from accepting a check from a borrower as collateral on the loan. The Act allows borrowers to make partial payments, minimum $50, towards the loan prior its due date. These payments don’t attract any additional penalties or fees. The maximum APR is 36%. Failure to settle the loan by its due date will attract an annual interest rate not exceeding 6%, on the outstanding balance. No other charges or fees apply.

Average credit score in New Hampshire (NH)

The state has an Experian average credit score of 711 well above the nation’s average score of 695. In New Hampshire, 89% of the residents have improved or good credit scores, while and 11% have declining of bad credit. The state has a mortgage applicants’ average score of 744.

Population and demographics

According to United States Census Bureau, New Hampshire had a population of 1 334 795 in July 2016. This reflected a 1.39% population growth since the 2010 census. This makes it the 41st most populous state in the US.

The US Census Bureau report indicates that the population includes 93.9%white American (2.8% Hispanic/Latino), 2.2% Asian American, 1.6 mixed race, 1.1 African American, 0.2% Native and 1.0% other groups.

Economic indicators in New Hampshire

The Gross Domestic Product for New Hampshire was $77.9 billion in 2016. It ranks 39th in the Union. The state experienced a 3.0% economic growth between 2015 -2016 compared with a national growth of 1.5% in the same period. The per capita income was $58 322 the 5th highest in the United States. The unemployment rate was 2.7% the lowest in the United States.

The High technology/Smart Manufacturing – SMHT- sector is the most important and largest sector of the New Hampshire economy. The agricultural sector is another major driver of the state’s economy. Other important industries include tourism, machinery and plastic and rubber products.