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Do you ever find yourself in need of cash days before your next pay, and don’t know how to get the cash you want? Payday loans are a convenient way to help you tide over those rough short term financial patches. A cash advance can provide an appropriate solution to your temporary financial woes and get your affairs back on track. The good news is that you can access the loans from anywhere in Montana even with bad credit.

Search for Installment online loans in Montana

Many borrowers in Montana prefer installment loans because the terms are flexible and they provide larger loan amounts. This is especially important if you need a higher loan amount and want to spread the repayment over a longer period of time.  These loans will help your sort out your short term financial issues quickly and cost effectively.

How it works

In Montana, a resident can access a short term loan online or from a variety of in-store lenders.  In fact, if you are a US citizen or permanent resident over 18 years and permanently employed or with a proven regular income you qualify to get a personal loan.

Nation 21 is a trusted and reputable lender in Montana. We are dedicated to offering quick, reliable and efficient services which make for a great customer experience. In fact, we help you to get cash fast without credit checks. We connect you with a lender that can provide you with the loan amount immediately and at good rates.

Legal regulations in MT

Payday loans are legal in Montana. You can get a loan by applying online or walking into the nearest storefront lender. Montana Code Annotated, section 31-1-701 regulates all payday lending in the state. Out of state lenders can offer the loans online in the state after obtaining a payday lending license.

The minimum payday loan amount is $50 and the maximum is $300. The law restricts interest and fees charged by lenders. The maximum interest is restricted to 36% annual percentage rate (APR) on the principal loan amount. Thus, a $100 14 day loan will attract a maximum financial charge of $1.39. The law allows a lender to charge $30 as an NSF fee. Rollover of the loan is not allowed.

Average credit score

Montana ranks 7th   in the US with an Experian average score of 709. This is above the US national average of 695. 90% of the population with good credit and 10% have bad or declining credit. The mortgage applicants’ average scores were 726 in 2011, a 15 point drop from an average score of 741 in 2010.

Population and demographics

Montana had a population of 1 032 949 in July 2015 according to the US Census Bureau. This was a 4.4% increase in the population since the 2010 US Census. The Census and Economic Information Center (CEIC), Montana Department of Commerce, estimates that the state crossed the 1 million population mark in toward the end of 2011.

The population is composed of 89.4% white American, 6.3% Native American, 2.5% mixed race, 0.6% Asian American, 0.4% African American and 0.7 other groups. The state is home to a larger population of Native Americans compared with other states in the US.

Economic indicators in Montana

In 2014, Montana had a gross state product of $44.3 billion according to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis. The per capita income was $40 601 which placed the state 35th in the union.

The state’s economy is dominated by tourism and industries mainly in natural extraction. Montana’s resources include coal, gold, silver, and talc. The state is also a hub of beer micro brewing.