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If you live in Mississippi, taking a payday loan can save the day during hard financial times. With several lenders in the state, residents can easily access the desired amounts with the most appropriate lender. It is important to settle on a reliable service provider who will understand your needs and financial situation.

Online Installment loans in Mississippi

Residents in this state are at liberty to choose between online lenders and physical store lenders. Whichever option you choose, the providers will not bother you with tons of requirements. In fact, your current financial position and a propensity to repay the personal loan is more important than your credit reports.

How it works

The state is well covered by lenders and residents will be pleased to realize there are several businesses ready to serve them. With lenient requirements and a fast process, your loan approval can be moments away. If you are seeking for a satisfactory loan service, Nation 21 is here to cover your back. We provide our customers with practical options that are designed to help them get past financial hardships.

With a simple and quick online process, we focus on getting you the anticipated financing in a few clicks.

Lending laws in MS

In Mississippi, payday loans are legal and there is a lending code that regulates all players in this industry. The maximum amount you can borrow in this state is $500 and it includes all the loan fees and charges. The law restricts lenders from charging more than 22% APR on every $100 borrowed up to $250. Loan amounts between $250 and $500 are charged 21.95% for every $100. However, a $100 loan with a 14-day term cannot be charged more than 520% APR.

The law does not allow roll overs, and if your loan goes to the collection stage, the lender will charge NSF fees and disclosed legal fees.

The average credit scores in Mississippi

In Mississippi, the average Experian credit score is reported to be 668 and it is ranked 48th in the country. In addition, the average credit score among home buyers in the state is 686.

Population and demographics

The United States Census Bureau has estimated the population to be almost 3 million. However, residents have been migrating to other states in search for better jobs. Mississippi tops the list on the states with highest rates of intermarriages within the population in the country.

However, Whites are the majority of the population with at least 59%. African-Americans are abundant and they comprise 37% of the population while American-Asians, Indian-Americans and Multiracial residents contributing to 0.5%, 0.9%, and 1.1% respectively.

The economic indicators in Mississippi

The gross state product for Mississippi is estimated to be $98 billion. The state has a per capita income of $26,908 which the lowest figure in the whole country. However, the state is considered to have low living costs compared to other states in the US. Notably, the residents of Mississippi are ranked high in charitable contributions.

Overreliance on the agricultural sector can be considered as the major reason why the state has lagged behind economically. In addition, it has the lowest rates of workforce participations in the country. The economy is also driven by proceeds from gambling and with $2.25 billion; Mississippi has been 6th on the list of states with the highest revenue from gambling activities.

The manufacturing industry has significant players in the automotive sector. The state is privileged to have motor vehicle assembly plants run by Toyota and Nissan. However, the state is the poorest in the country and the unemployment rate is 6.5% which puts it in the third position in the US.