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In the State of Maine, online payday lenders are allowed to advance pay check loans to qualified borrowers. You can borrow beyond $250 from one lender. The cash advance should be paid back within the next paycheck period. Hence if you need to pay quick cash to save a bad financial crunch, this option can help you make lemonade out of the lemons.

Installment and Personal loans in Maine

Maine residents can borrow up to $10,000 in personal loans and pay back in up to 36 easy monthly installments depending on how well you can repay. No credit check required.

This can be further simplified depending on your credit history. So if you have borrowed from another lender and paid back the loan plus finance charge in time, you are eligible for higher amounts and better repayment terms—in addition to quick installment loan approval.

How it Works

Nation 21 Loans works overtime to connect you to licensed and active direct and short-term lenders no matter your situation in Maine. Such a situation includes a poor credit score. You’ll find a bad credit loans lender near ME to help you get the personal loan you need.

If you need money to cover a health bill, top up a mortgage or to service your car, check with us.

There are no real restrictions regarding what you should do with the money loaned. All you need do is provide a valid form of ID, contact information, an active checking account and social security number at the online loans application stage. Also, submit personal income details or proof of steady income. But you do not need to be employed to access a loan.

It only takes only about 5-10 minutes to receive a reply, and the money will be funded into your checking account upon approval.

Lending Regulations in Maine ( ME)

The Department of Professional and Financial Regulation governs the legal status of direct lending loans in the state of Maine—under Statute: 9-A s 1-201 et seq which indicates that:

  • Only supervised payday and installment loan lenders are allowed to do business here
  • Lenders are not to charge exorbitant interests on payday and personal loans in the state. That means not more than $5 for a loan of up to $75, $15 for a loan between $75 and $250, and not exceeding $250 for cash advances exceeding $250.
  • Short-term loan interest rates are capped at 30% for loans not exceeding $2000
  • Lenders are also required to clearly reveal their rates and terms to the borrower beforehand and in a language, they understand, among other lending regulations

Also, online payday loan lenders in Maine do not deal in postdated checks (only your checking account applies) but supervised lenders can.

Maine’s Average Credit Score

FICO’s score rates states’s credit rating at 671 for 2017, which is higher than the U.S average score. Around 89% of residents currently have a strengthening credit score.

Population and Demographics in the state of Maine (ME)

Of the over 1.3 million people living  as of 2016, 95% are one-race white. African Americans follow at 6.05% and the rest is comprised of Natives and Hawaiian and Islanders. The median age of Mainers is 41 which is above the national average of 37.7, according to the 2014 Census Bureau. Also, there’s roughly one woman for every one man.

About 40% of Maine’s total population resides in the Greater Portland metropolitan area.

The Economic Indicators in Maine State

The state has a blossoming tourism and agricultural sectors and is the largest low-bush berries producer in the U.S. The state reported an unemployment rate of 3% (2.4% in Portland) as of April 207. Yet, the median annual household income is $50,756 (40th in the U.S) and the per capita income in Maine equals $28, 437 (1.52% jump over the previous year), according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.