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With an abundance of payday loans lenders in Louisiana, residents have the option of choosing who they do business with. The online platforms are user-friendly and you can submit an application provide you can prove you are a Louisiana resident.

Search for Installment loans in Louisiana

Whether you are faced with an urgent repair or utility bill payments, installment loans for bad credit are a good way of solving emergency cash needs. In Louisiana, you can get the money as soon as the same day or on the next business day. This depends on whether the application is made online or in a store. As long as you meet the minimum qualifications, not even bad credit can stop you from getting the loan.

How it works

Residents in Louisiana can get the online loans by contacting in-store lenders or online lenders. The online option is convenient and it can save you lots of valuable time. Direct lenders, as well as loan matching services, can hook you up with the desired deal in a matter of minutes.

In an attempt to fulfill customer needs, Nation 21 acts both as a direct lender and as a lender matching service. Instead of spending time trying to find a lender, you can use our services that have been trusted by many people like you.

Landing laws in Louisiana

In Louisiana, short-term loans are legal in LA and the payday loan lenders are licensed and regulated by the laws. If you are a resident seeking a loan, it is important to be aware of the laws and regulations governing the lending industry.

The maximum loan that residents can borrow is $350 with maximum loan tenure of 60 days. The total fees and finance charges are 20% at maximum on the principal amount borrowed. This implies that the highest a lender can charge is a $45 loan fee and a $10 documentation fee. In addition, the finance fees for a$100 loan with a 14-day term is $30 which translates to 780% APR.

The law doesn’t permit rollovers and there are no specific mentions of the maximum number of loans that you can have at a time. If you default a loan, the state laws restrict criminal collection methods by any lender. However, collection fees are limited to the NSF amount plus $25 or 5% of the check value and any legal fees applicable.

The average credit score in Louisiana

The residents of Louisiana have an average credit score of 650 which is below the national average.

Population and demographics in LA

In 2015, the population of Louisiana was estimated to be 4.67 million making it the 25th most populous state in the US. A closer look at the state’s demographics indicates that a majority of residents are White-Americans with 63.4% of the population. Black-Americans in the state make up 32.5% of the total population and the remaining proportion is comprised of Asian-Americans, Natives, and Multi-racial.

The economic indicators

The total gross state product in Louisiana is reported to be $213 billion with a per capita income is $30,952. The economy is dependent on several industries like agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, transport, and film.

Louisiana is the largest producer of craw fish worldwide and contributes to 91% of all production. The Port of South Louisiana on the Mississippi River is considered the largest bulk cargo port on the planet. The state has a thriving film industry and it has been nicknamed the “Hollywood South” due to the aggression in the industry. Tourism and culture contribute at least $5.2 billion per year and the state hosts several annual cultural events touching international participants.

Petroleum and natural gas are abundant in Louisiana and it is ranked the fourth highest producer. Interestingly, the state pioneered over-water oil drilling in the world.

Although the unemployment rate is 5.8%, the state has been categorized among the states that are most friendly to small businesses.