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Payday loans can help you to safely glide to the next payday or sort out an emergency expense. In Kansas, it’s common to find people in need of fast cash and there are several providers to choose from. Just like with any other loan in KS, it is prudent for residents to scrutinize their needs before committing to an option. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with taking a short-term loan as long as you can diligently manage the finances.

Direct Installment loans in Kansas City

Installment loans in Kansas are designed to give the residents a better deal than most other online loans. Most people here have taken the loan primarily because the terms are better and more patient. If you have a regular income and a few minutes to make the application, the money could be in your account in a day.

How it works

Residents of Kansas have an option of getting some financial boost when the going gets tough. With a thriving lending industry in the state, you will easily find a good deal matching your needs either online or in-store. Because the process of determining the right option can be rigorous and confusing, Nation 21 is here to make everything easy.

If you choose to work with us, you are bound to save a lot of time in selecting a lender. However, we offer direct lending matching services and we also have a wealth of information to match you with the perfect lender.

Lending laws in Kansas

In Kansas, short-term loans are legal and the state rules and regulation govern the lending industry. The law prohibits any lender from having two outstanding loans with the same borrower. The maximum number of loans that a lender can give to a borrower in a 30-day period is limited to three. In addition, borrowers are restricted from settling an outstanding loan with the proceeds of another loan from a lender.

For payday loans, the maximum you can borrow is $500 and the term should be between 7 days and 30 days. Any loan that is above $500 is not considered as a payday loan. The loan fees are capped at 15% on the principal amount and the maximum finance charge for a $100 loan with a 14-day term is $15. Similarly, the maximum APR for the same loan is 390% per year.

If you fail to repay the loan, a lender is allowed to charge one NSF fee. Although there is no mention about rollover fees, the lender is allowed to charge up to 3% in interest after the maturity date.

The average credit score in Kansas

The average credit score for Kansas residents is 674.

Population and dynamics

Recent estimates from the United States Census Bureau report the population of Kansas to be 2.9 million people. The census also revealed that this state is occupied by people of diverse ethnicities and races. White-Americans make up 83.8% of the population and African-Americans account for 5.9% of the total residents in the State. Residents with Asian origin are about 2.4% and there is some small percentage of Natives as well as Multi-racial persons.

Notably, 10.5% of the residents show some Latino backgrounds making Spanish the second most popular language.

The economic indicators in Kansas

The gross state product is estimated to be $140.9 billion and the mean annual wage is $42,930. Kansas is among the states with the lowest job growth rate and at 0.8%, its unemployment rates are 4.2%.

The economy depends on sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, petroleum and natural gas. Kansas has been considered to be among states with most productive agricultural sectors in the US. They are key producers of grains in the country.

The state is ranked 8th among petroleum producing states although production has been steadily declining. The manufacturing industry has major players in the aerospace sector and there are several huge aircraft corporations based in the state.