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Many residents of Connecticut use Installment loans to manage various short term financial issues such as overcoming a temporary financial setback, paying bills, meeting the cost of repairs, medical costs, and other emergency needs, or even for taking a vacation. These personal loans are attractive and more affordable compared with other short term loans. Furthermore, you can access them in a matter of minutes.  In fact, you should consider them if you need larger loan amounts and want a longer duration to repay the loan.

Trusted Online Personal loans in Connecticut

Payday loans also known as cash advances, are quick fix loans. These loans are popular mainly because they provide immediate access to cash.  In other words, they provide a fast and convenient way of getting the cash you need to settle short term financial obligations or for meeting emergency needs.  This can be quite helpful in getting on top of things, and for riding tough economic times. In Connecticut, online bad credit personal loans can help you.

How it works

If you need a cash advance in Connecticut you can apply online. The basic requirements are that you must be a US national over 18 years or a permanent resident, and show evidence of a regular source of income or permanent employment.

Nation 21 is one of United State’s most respected and trusted credit matching service in the short term market. Whether you are struggling financially, facing a financial emergency, or in need of quick cash to settle short term financial needs, we will help you out.  We can help you sort out your issues and get back on your feet. In fact, we provide top rated lenders that to deal with borrowers from all works of life even those with bad credit. Our services are fast, reliable and convenient.

Emergency Lending regulations in Connecticut

Payday loans are prohibited in Connecticut. General Statutes of Connecticut, section 36(a) – 563 apply to small loans and make emergency loans  illegal in this state. No payday lenders operate within the state. However, Connecticut residents apply online to out of state lenders that provide payday loans to US citizen and residents all over America.

Also, installment loans are legal in Connecticut and they are a great option for residents in need of short term loans. Other alternatives include Tribal loans from tribal lenders, and getting a credit card. Credit cards have lower interest rates and more reasonable terms.

Average credit score in CT

Connecticut has an Experian average credit score of 705 and is placed 11th in the Union. The mortgage applicants average score was 745 in 2011 dropping 6 points from an average score of 751 in 2010. 89% of the residents had good credit while 11% have bad or declining credit.

Population and demographics

Connecticut is one of the most influential states in the affairs of the Federal government.  It is the 3rd smallest in size and the 4th most densely populated in the United States. In July 2015, the population of the state was 3 590 886 according to the US Census Bureau.

In terms of composition, it is 77.6% white American, 13.4% Hispanic and Latino, 10.1 African American, 3.8%Asian American, 2.6% mixed race, 0.3% Native American and 5.6% other groups.

Economic indicators

Connecticut had a gross state product of $229.3 billion in 2012, and a per capita income of $60 847, the highest in the United States. In 2013, it had a millionaire per capita ratio of 7.32, the 3rd highest in the nation. The unemployment rate was 5.7% in May 2016.

The principal drivers of the economy are finance and insurance which accounted for 16.4% of the gross state product by the end of 2009. The other major industries are manufacturing and maritime trade.