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Whether you prefer online services or in-store services, installments loans California are meant to provide a reliable source of funds. In accordance with the lending regulations in the state, there are several lenders that offer the services to residents. However, all are not equal and it is important to settle on the best provider.

Payday loans in California with Best APR

Payday loans are legal in this state and the huge number of lenders can be overwhelming. With both online applications and store-front options, residents are spoilt for choice from a thriving lending industry. Normally, people find an online loan service very convenient plus it saves them from unnecessary publicity. Over the last few years, the industry has shown an impressive growth across the state.

How it works

Applying for short-term personal loans in CA is simple and all you have to do is fill out an online application or visit a physical store. Because there are many lenders in the state, it can be difficult to research all the providers.

At Nation 21 loans, we offer options that are designed to ensure absolute satisfaction to clients. For both payday loans and installment loans, our customers will always find a favorable option.

Because these loans are aimed at helping residents get fast cash for emergencies, the entry requirements are low and the approval process is almost instantaneous. Typically, approved loans are funded on the following business day.  However, applicants must be in a position to prove the following:

  • A stable source of income
  • American citizenship or permanent residency
  • A valid checking account
  • A social security number

Lending regulations in California (CA)

Because short-term bad credit loans are legal, there are strict laws in place that are aimed at protecting the borrowers from predatory lenders. The maximum amount you can borrow from a payday loan is $300 for up to 31 days. For a two-week loan, the finance charges must not exceed 15% which translates to APR of 460%. In addition, borrowers are allowed one loan at a time with no extensions.

However, loans that exceed $2500 are not subject to the above law. These are considered as installments loans and lenders are allowed to charge as much as the market can bear.

The legal environment is active with lobbyists from both sides trying to secure more favorable regulations. The lenders are trying to ensure that residents continue to access emergency cash while the consumer protection lobbyists want to eliminate the services.

Average credit scores in California

Although the average credit score in California has dropped, it still has the best mortgage credit scores standing at 754 according to Mortgage Marvel. However, the Experian average credit score is 680 and it ranks at position 30 in the US.

Population and demographics

California is the most populous state in the US. In the 2006 census, the population was slightly above 37 million but 2017 estimates indicate the population can be around 39.4 million.

Surprisingly, no single ethnicity or race forms a majority population making this state a minority-majority state. The percentage of Hispanics across all races is the largest in the state. Most people speak English and the population is followed closely by Spanish speakers.

The economic indicators in California

Most economic indicators show that California is performing well economically. The monetary value of goods and services produced in the state has increased making the state among top five best performing states in the US.

However, the economic growth is uneven between coastal and inland states. The unemployment and underemployment rates are on the decline and implementation of business-friendly policies is attracting more business to the state. This is creating good employment opportunities and if the trend continues, the economy is set to get better.