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Before 2010, residents in Arizona had access to payday loans AZ until June 2010 when the law expired. There are no payday lenders offering services within the state.

Alternatively Use Personal loans in Arizona

Personal loans are available to Arizona residents from lenders operating within the provisions of the law. You can apply for the loans over the internet or walk into a store for an instant funding.

How it works

Although payday loans are not allowed in Arizona, residents can get short-term loans through other avenues. With options like lines of credit and installment personal loans, it is possible to have the money you need in a short time.

In most cases, installment loans are a convenient option compared to traditional loans. But sometimes, this depends on whether you can get a good lender to work with. At Nation 21, our passion is to help people like you have an easy time finding the best loan. To start the simple and fast application process, you’ll only need to be of legal age and be in a position to pay the loan. in addition, there is no need to worry about your credit score because most lenders will focus on your ability to make payments on the loan.

Before taking any loan, it is important to have a clear and practical payment plan. This will not only help you clear the loan quickly, but it will also reduce the chances of a prolonged debt.

Lending laws in Arizona

The law that facilitated payday loans expired in 2010 making the loans illegal. From that time, there are no lenders that are physically located in Arizona. The state’s law requires any consumer lender to be licensed. In addition, all loans less than $1000 are not supposed to be charged more than 36% APR with a finance fee of up to 5%.

However, some lenders didn’t leave. Instead, they adapted to the legislation and started offering services that are consistent with the law. Installment loans & bad credit loan are not prohibited and residents can apply for the loans at any time.

The average credit score in Arizona

Residents of Arizona have an average credit score of 676 and the state is ranked 41st in the country.

Population and demographics in AZ

Arizona is the fourth largest state in the US and with a population of 6.8 million; it becomes the 16th most populous state. The metropolitan area of Phoenix is home to 2/3 of the total population in the state. Arizona has been ranked second among the fastest growing states, and it holds the same position among states with the highest number of illegal immigrants.

The residents are from different racial backgrounds with 73% Whites, 4.6% Natives, Blacks 4.1, Asian 2.8%, and several other races.

The economic indicators in Arizona

The total gross state product for AZ is estimated to be $259 billion. Its per capita income is $40,828 and the median household income is $50,448 which falls below the national average.

The economy is dependent on moderately diverse industries but transport, healthcare, and government are the main contributors. Notably, the state is well endowed with copper deposits and it contributes to two-thirds of the total production in the US.

Manufacturing industry generates significant revenues and focuses on computers and electronics, automotive equipment, chemicals, and foodstuffs. Military equipment like missiles and aircraft parts are some of the unique items produced in this state.

The service sector is a consistent employer and finance, insurance and tourism are the major contributors. The government is a huge employer engaging 12.9% of the total workforce while “retail salesperson is the largest occupation held by 3.7% of the state’s workforce. However, the unemployment rate is 7.6%.

The Grand Canyon National Park Airport is the 7th busiest airport in the world based on aircraft movement.