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Great Plains Lending Reviews

For when life happens, and you find you need a great emergency cash option, Great Plains Lending promises to offer you the solution you need. They provide a quick-cash, short-term money lending service whose payments are based on installment paybacks. They assert about offering urgent cash quickly, with less hassle and affordable compared to their competition. Website: https://www.greatplainslending.com

Great Plains Lending, LLC is a privately held lending company operating in the sovereign nation of Otoe-Missouria in the US. The Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Indians wholly owns Great Plains Lending, LLC. So you’ll want to check with their regulations as they may defer with your state’s lending regulations. That way you are sure what you’d be signing up to from the start.

Rest assures they are state-licensed to operate in the US money-lending industry by the Otoe-Missouria Consumer Finance Services Regulatory Commission. However, do note that the regulation governing the operations of Company applies within the Otoe-Missouria borders.

That means some of the terms of loan they offer are either favorable or unfavorable to you compared to seeking the services of a similar lending company with a solid base in your state. However, you can still apply for a flexible urgent cash loan from this company and obtain it after meeting a few conditions.

If you are in a financial bind and need prompt cash to banish your emergency, you can choose Great Plains Lending LLC services. They offer a simple, easy-to-comprehend and comparatively affordable lending option. However, remember to only take up these kinds of loans only to cover an urgent financial crisis, not as long-term loan solutions.

Great Plains Lending is adamant that they are one of the fastest lending companies in the business. Is this legit?

You apply for your short-term loan, have it verified and approved within the same day. If approved, you can receive the funds in your preferred current account on the next business day. That applies for urgent cash applied for Monday through Friday. For quick cash applied for on Saturdays and Sundays, you will have to wait for the funds to reflect in your account on Tuesday of the following week.

The amount you can obtain from Great Plains Lending varies. First-timers can expect to borrow from $100 up to $1000. This loan amount is set to increase as you demonstrate your financial ability for repayments.

Also, the terms of your loan (especially the payback period allowed) will depend upon the loan amount you are cleared for. Typically, though, their payment periods extend from 4 to 30 months and are based on an installments payments structure.

First-time borrowers are required to pay back the loan in 14 days (through bi-weekly payments). If you have done business with them before and confirmed your payback ability, they’ll allow you to borrow larger amounts that you can pay back in as many as 30-40 days, or for larger amounts choose their monthly payments option.

Note that all installment amounts you pay need to be equal.

We do like that the company provides a straightforward payments schedule, so you can check the amount and bottom lines for payback. Be sure to read up on this.

To qualify for a short-term loans, you’ll need to tick some boxes.

This way you’ll be able to speed up the loan application and approval time. Moreover, they are required by their regulator to ensure they provide financial solutions to only people that are verified citizens of the US and have no ill motives.

However, they do not provide a checklist of those qualifications. Nonetheless, here are basic requirements for typical short-term loans:

  • Valid ID/passport
  • Valid email address
  • Working checking account for funds deposit
  • Provable phone number

One of the best features you’ll discover is that they offer the popular option to apply for a loan online via their website. The application procedure is simple, transparent and fast. It is also secure—encrypted using HTTPS (SHA-2). So you won’t lose your financial information to third-parties.

Simply log on to their site and fill out the tiny application form conspicuously floating on the homepage’s top-left corner. It takes a stunning couple of seconds to have their representative message back and inform you if you qualify.

If you do this promptly, and they verify and approve the loan request, then you confirm it before 6:00 pm ET, you’ll have the funds in your checking account the next day. If the transaction extends past this time you might have to wait an extra day.

Also, keep in mind that they apply their tribal lending law to every borrower regardless of the state you reside in.

Their service is good. But are Great Plains Lending interest rates insane?

Company rates are clearly disclosed within the loan agreement document they request you to authorize.

Their payday (14-day term) loan fees are based on rates charged by other Credit Access Businesses such as Ace Cash Express (661% APR). Yet, first-timers can expect a loan APR of between 328.11% and 448.76%–which is less than the average 627% APR charged by the likes of Ace Cash Express and CashNet USA (664.30%).

Still, GPL rates are not the cheapest around. But their bi-weekly and monthly payment options can help ease the payback.

Do note, too, that late payment and defaulting are very likely stain your credit rating. The company sells overdue accounts to collection agencies, who’ll normally report you.

In addition to their transparency, ease of application, snappy online service, and their comparably affordable lending, the company also offers a Financial University to help its customers gain financial knowledge, which is a thoughtful addition.

Moreover, you won’t be required to fill out a ton of personal information and have to wait on edge for extended periods to receive cash and annihilate that desperate spot you might be in.

Still, you can pay back the borrowed amount plus financial charge in one lump sum without additional fees. But you are welcome to make installment payments—period will vary on how much you are approved to borrow.

Also, be sure to lower transaction fees by using alternative payment methods. They accept checks, money orders, and debit cards. Credit cards are not allowed, though.

Although mainly operational in Otoe-Missouria, they clearly state that they are also offering the cash flow, personal, consumer, installment, and payday loans in other states such as Hawaii, New Jersey, Alaska, and California.

Visit their website to find your local store.

At this time the company is not offering any, though. You might want to check back and find out if they have a promotion in full play later.

  1. Stephen Charon

    Do not ask for money from these people in any situation as they lend you money with mediocre credit. I have been paying back my loan since last 7 months, but nothing has gone through the principal balance and I still owe a lot of money to be repaid.



  2. Joe Chilton

    If anyone is worried about their privacy and do not want to be a victim of identity theft, then don’t ask a loan from them as I started getting anonymous call for debt collection agencies after I contacted them.



  3. Edmund A. Arrington

    Great plain lending is a service which helped me in emergency time when I wanted to pay my rent and since next salary was 15 days away I had to consider them for short term money solution. Overall procedure was hassle free, but it helped me when I needed a desperate help.




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