Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Can I Borrow?

At Nation 21 , you can request loans as large as $10,000. The final amount will be determined by your company based on your income, credit history, job information and other factors. If you have borrowed from a lender before, this may increase the amount you qualify for on subsequent loan requests.

How Many Loans Can I Get?

You may apply for more than one loan at a time, but Nation 21 recommends that you borrow only the amount you need. We strongly encourage you to borrow responsibly, i.e. take out one loan at a time and repay it, before taking out another.

What Are the Qualifications Necessary for a Loan?

In general, our lenders require the following minimum qualifications:

  • Be a resident of the United States
  • Possess an active checking account
  • Have a job with a minimum income of $2,000 a month

We offers quick cash loans to customers with all types of credit, but a higher credit rating may improve chances of approval as well as the terms of available loans. Each lending institution has their own criteria for approval.

Can I Still Get a Loan with Bad Credit?

Yes. We specializes in offering loans to borrowers of all types, including those with bad credit. Our lending partners will examine your credit history, but that is only one factor in determining approval.

Why Don’t We Provide Exact Rates and Terms?

We helps borrowers find lenders willing to give money to them. While we use our strong relationships with our lending partners to help find the right choice for you, we do not offer money ourselves. The terms of any offer—which include APR, repayment period and amount—are determined by the lender. You will find these specific terms in the loan documents that the lender sends you upon approval.

How Will I Know If I Am Approved?

Once you submit your online application at our website, you should receive a response from lenders within minutes. If you have been approved, you will be redirected to your companies’s website automatically. If we can’t match you with a lender, you can still find loans or credit through many of our online financial partners that we can share with you.

Do I Have to Have a Job to Get a Loan?

While it is generally necessary to have a job, our lenders will consider special status like Self-Employed, Disability Income, Social Security Income or Pension.