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It is that time of the month again and as much as you try, you don’t have an idea where this month’s rent is supposed to come from, and getting a loan for rent is the only way out. A job loss can create an income gap, and even when you land a new position, it may take you at least a month to get paid. That being said, there are various providers you can approach to ensure that you maintain a roof over your head.

Traditional banks offer the cheapest interest rates in the market in comparison to the online lenders but, the downside is that they have very stringent requirements for qualification.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

If you have a checkered credit history, you will never get approval from your bank, and in the event that you do qualify, it will be offered at a jaw-dropping interest rate.

You will also be required to register some form of collateral or a creditworthy co-signer to get approval. Even when you have ticked all the boxes, the process of approval may take weeks before you can get the funds you so desperately need.

Community banks - community banks are structured in a way that they serve the towns and the communities in which they are located, in addition, they offer lower interest rates than their traditional counterparts, but they will only get involved when a real threat of eviction has been registered.

Credit unions – These are none profit-making organizations and they are more likely to consider borrowers who are registered as members of their union; they are also able to work around additional nonpayment troubles because the main aim is to get you through the temporally financial crunch.

Consumer finance - This is where most poor households turn to. However, the main requirement is a poverty level of at least 200% to be eligible for this type of loan.

Peer to peer - the peer to peer lenders always pre-screen borrowers, and if your credit score is below the 600 mark you may not be up for loan consideration, they also require more detailed personal information than any other lender.

Pawnshops - pawn shops provide cash with no questions asked in exchange for valuable personal property such as jewelry or high end -electronics items. If the loan and interest agreed are not repaid in time, you forfeit the valuable item.

Online lenders - an online lender will sort your loan for rent problems with the next 24 hours, and where you don’t have any credit to go by, a stable rental history can be of help when seeking approval.

An online application will take you 5 minutes to fill out and Nation 21 will go to work, we will work hard to match you with a lender that will work with your current financial situation and give you a loan for rent within the next business day. This way, you save the time it takes to fill out applications with various lenders.

To be eligible you must

  • Be 18 years of age or age of majority
  • Be a permanent resident of the state you are licensed
  • Have a verifiable source of income
  • Have a checking account
  • Have a signed tenancy agreement from the landlord

What you need to know

Interest rates vary from lender to lender; therefore, go through the contract document carefully before signing to familiarize yourself with the lender’s terms and conditions.  Moreover, it is important to know exactly what you’ll be paying.

Repayment amounts plus interest and fees, are factored in and are payable on the due date directly from your checking account.

Penalties for missed and late repayments are applicable at all times; although you are at liberty to discuss other repayment options when know you cannot meet your obligation.

Therefore, take a loan for rent when you anticipate that you will quickly be able to pay the same, otherwise, you will be caught up in rollover fees and penalties that end up being more than the loan you took initially.

Take steps to avoid eviction by selling off unused valuable items in your possession, because in the end, this is a temporal situation and whatever you hold dear will not mean much when you are homeless.

So if you are in a fix for rent at the moment, do not hesitate to contact us.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

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