In order to represent your legal consent to a loan contract, you must sign the agreement. Nation 21 Cash Loans enables you to digitally sign a loan agreement using an electronic signature system denoted as “E-Consent.” An electronic signature is, for all intents and purposes, equivalent to a physical signature and carries the same legal force.

Request for Paper Documents

If you prefer to complete the agreement using paper documents, your lender is required to supply them at no charge.

Scope of Consent

E-consent governs all interactions between you and the lender including those through phones, smartphones, tablets and computers. By using E-consent, you are allowing your lender to interact with you electronically as well as send you notices and emails.

Computing Requirements

Prior to granting your E-consent, you should determine if you possess the computer hardware and software to conduct business electronically. You will need a PC or Mac compatible computer that supports an internet browser capable of 128 bit encryption like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or Netscape. You must have an email account. You should also possess Adobe Acrobat Reader to read some documents. Your computing system should also include a printer.

Revoking Consent

You may not withdraw your E-consent to be matched with lenders through Nation 21 as that is a one-time transaction. However, you may revoke your E-consent with lenders at any time and at no charge. If you revoke your E-consent prior to loan approval, your lender may choose to not extend credit or a loan offer to you. To do so, you must contact the lender directly and request it. Any agreements you previously signed using your E-consent will not be affected by this cancellation.

Updating Contact Information

It is your responsibility to notify your lender if any of your contact information is changed including phone, physical address or email address. It is preferable to update this information through the lender’s website or by conventional mail.


By clicking the E-consent link, you agree to all of the terms regarding electronic signatures, disclosures, record and electronic business transactions. You acknowledge that you have read and agreed to all of the disclosures about E-consent. You are consenting to the use of electronic documents, signatures, and disclosures. You are also allowing third party lenders to provide services over the internet.