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We often land in situations where we need instant access to cash in order to stay afloat. Trouble might be brought about by outstanding house rent, unforeseen car maintenance expenditures, or medical emergencies.

In such instances, getting a loan from a bank may be unfruitful due to the long wait times banks impose on borrowers. The best solution to the short-term financial need is getting installment loans payday loans that coincide with your paydays.

What are payday loans no third party?

There are short term loans you obtain from direct lenders without the intervention of third parties.

What are the advantages of using direct payday lenders?

Using direct lenders no third party to get your payday loans has its advantages:

You enjoy the convenience of making one loan application.

There are no added fees like brokerage commissions.

You communicate directly with the loan company.

Your personal financial details are more secure considering that your data remains with the company that originates your loan.

There are no delays or long waiting times when getting approved. The lender gets the final say in whether to approve or deny your application.

Direct Lenders vs Third Party Lenders

Loan costs are lower since there are no middleman charges.
One-to-one communication with the loan company.
More security for your financial details.
There are no delays in loan approval.
Presence of extra fees.
Communications pass through third parties.
Your financial information might not be secure
Approvals are delayed.

Why should I get a payday loan from a direct lender?

People opt to get payday loans for various reasons such as:

Debt consolidation.

Avoiding the embarrassment present when borrowing from your family or friends.

Emergencies, which constitutes the best uses for the loans.

Since emergencies drive most people to borrow payday loans, one should consider working with direct lenders to experience shorter lead times.

Do direct lenders make credit checks?

The lenders offering payday loans reserve the right to conduct credit checks for their own protection or as part of their underwriting criteria. The intensity of the checks, if carried out, are not so detailed. Lenders run background checks to ascertain your legal existence and to see whether you have filed for bankruptcy recently. Later when approving you, they might ask for documents to verify your bank details, salary, address, and contact information.

What requirements are there for direct payday lenders?

For you to qualify for payday loans no third party from direct lenders, you must:

Be 18 years old and above.

Be a U.S. citizen or have permanent residence.

Have a steady job or source of income.

Have a valid bank account.

Have valid contacts (email and telephone).

Why choose direct payday lenders?

Direct payday lenders come in handy when you want to borrow a small-dollar loan that you’ll quickly repay once you receive your paycheck in a couple of days or weeks. If you’re hoping to secure more cash and have more months to repay the amount, then direct payday lenders may not be your best option. You can consider borrowing installment loans still offered by direct lenders, some of whom can be accessed right here on Nation21 Loans.

How to get started

Payday loans from direct lenders have the advantage of having a simple application process that is done online either directly on the lender’s website or through a loan matching service like our platform. You’ll get approved almost immediately and we take steps to protect your information. Get your installment loans payday loans today by selecting “Apply Now.”

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

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