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Cash Call Reviews

The CashCall Company was established in 2003, to provide personal loans, small business, home loans and refinancing. Their personal loans are long term, unsecured loans payable within a period of 84 months. You can access a loan 24/7 in the five states the company operates in. The application takes 5 minutes, upon which you receive provisional approval pending document verification.


CashCall Inc. is an online lending company that offers unsecured loans in five states. The company is committed to helping its clients rebuild their credit so they target borrowers with a bad credit score. They have a team of experts dedicated to offering outstanding customer service and helping you find a loan package best suited to you.

The loans are ideal for borrowers who want to consolidate their debts or make one-time purchases. Loan application is a fast, simple and easy process that can be done online or through a phone call. Verification takes place when you have submitted a valid ID, bank statement and Proof of income. Once your loan is approved, the funds are available in your bank account within hours.

Their terms and rates vary in the five states they operate in and the highest loan packages and lowest rates are reserved for the customers with excellent credit. You can apply for loam amounts ranging from $2600 to $10600. The higher the loan amount the higher the fees but the lower the interest rate and APR.

Cashcall.com’s  online lending capacity and its fast loan processing time, make the company stand out. The company provides several types of products to suit a wide range of customers with varying credit scores. Their personal loans are unsecured and are meant to assist their borrowers build their credit.

Loan approval differs from one applicant to another because the credit approval is dependent on company’s credit standards. The loan terms including the actual loan amount tend to vary between applicants. With each new application, company will require specific supporting documentation for your loan to be processed.

The company’s loans are processes either online, by phone or fax. The application is easy and fast to make as it takes you 5 minutes to complete. A provisional approval is provided pending documentation review. Once you have submitted the supporting documentation for verification, your funds are disbursed to your account in hours. When your payments are made on time, CashCall’s personal loans can help you rebuild your credit

Their website utilizes innovative technology to streamline their loan operations for your convenience. They also have vibrant experts to help make your loan application fast, simple and hassle-free.

Cash Call strives to ensure that obtaining your unsecured personal loan is a smooth simple process. To qualify for the loan you need to have the following documents.

  • Proof that you are over 18 years such as driver’s license or other government issued ID
  • Proof of income
  • A bank statement from an active account

You can choose to fax these documents to CashCall or try out their paperless option. Any other additional documents maybe requested from you in case they are required.

The application procedure is very fast and takes you about 5 minutes to complete, upon which a provisional approval is provided. This is confirmed via email where you also receive a request to complete your loan transaction by signing your documents electronically. When your documents have been reviewed and verified, you can be cleared to receive the loan and the funds are released to your bank account in four hours minimum.

This funding time is determined by factors such as your qualification time, receipt of required documents including signing all of which must be done on a business day, before 1pm PST. In some cases where due diligence and credit underwriting is necessary, additional documents may be required which can lead to a delay in funding time.

The lowest amount you can borrow is $2,600 and the maximum is $10,600 depending on the state you are in. There are no prepayment penalties charged for paying off your loan early but there is a fee to be paid when applying for a loan. This is based on the amount of money you are borrowing and increases as the amount borrowed increases.

The amount you borrow determines the APR rate, fees and the repayment period. The higher the amount, the lower the APR and rate, but the higher the fees. To apply for the minimum loan amount, the lowest applicable fee charged is $75.

In the state of Arizona, you can only apply for $10600 where you will be charged a $500 fee and the APR will be 99.75% maximum, at a rate of 95.00%. Your repayment period will be 84 months at $840.56 monthly. In Utah, applying for the minimum amount of $2600 means paying a $75 fee and an APR of 139.13 %. The interest rate is 135.00% with monthly installments of $294.46, over a 47 months term.

In Idaho, to borrow $2600, the fee charged will be $75 with an APR of 139.13%. The interest rate will be 135.00% for a period of 47 months. Monthly payments will be $294.46. In Missouri to apply for $2600, CashCall will charge you a $75 fee with an APR of 139.13 % and an interest rate of 135.00%. The repayment term is 47 Months with monthly installments of $294.46

In California the lowest you can borrow is $2600. You can qualify for either of two payment modes in this category. In both modes, a $75 fee is charged and the repayment period is 47 months. In the first mode, the APR is fixed at a maximum of 184.36 % with an interest rate of 179.00% and monthly payments of $388.40. In the second mode, the maximum APR is 139.13 % with an interest rate of 135.00% and monthly payments of $294.46.

  • A simple and easy online application which takes only 5 minutes
  • The option to apply online via phone or fax
  • A four hour funding period if you qualify for the loan
  • Good loan repayment progress builds up your credit score
  • Once conditionally approved, you can sign electronically on your documents

CashCall Inc. is based in Orange County, California and operates in four other states. The locations of operation are, Utah, Missouri, Idaho, and Arizona.

Company does not have any discount codes available to their borrowers.

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