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Cash 1 Reviews

Cash 1 is a state licensed and regulated loans provider. Since 1997, they have been assisting people to access quick and hassle free funds. People without access to traditional lenders have found company to be very supportive and helpful.  Because the company is a direct lender, you can have your cash in as little as 15 minutes after approval.

Website: www.cash1loans.com

Cash 1 is a lending service provider founded in 1997 and they focus on people with little or no credit. They claim to have helped people access to hassle free loans and more so persons denied by the conventional lending providers. They have both online platform and physical stores in Arizona and Nevada. They offer several loaning services including personal loans, installment , title, and smart loans.

Cash 1 is a direct lender who claims to have an array of ways to make sure you get the money you need. The application procedure is easy and can take as little as 15 minutes to have the money with you. You may choose to apply online or in one of their storefronts where you will walk out with the money if approved.

The personal installment loans start atb$100-$1500 and they claim to provide the money in minutes and give you an extended time to pay back. Also, you will only need your job as collateral for the money. For the title loans, you are allowed to use an automobile title as security. The title must be very clear and you can qualify to borrow $100-$50000. For residents of Arizona, there is a no-payment period of up to 60 days while in Nevada, the period goes up to 30 days. The automobile doesn’t have to be a car; it can be a bike, RV or a truck.

They also have what seems like a variant of a title loan only that you don’t need a title to access the funds. If you have a currently financed vehicle, you can take a loan against the equity of the car. This is what Cash 1 refers to as title equity loan or a smart loan. The amount you qualify to borrow can be from $50-$2500 depending on the status of your equity.

To qualify for an installment loan you will need to provide proof of the following:

  • A stable income
  • Open and active checking account
  • A government ID
  • A clear automobile title
  • You must not be in active military service

For title loans and title equity installment loans, you must be a resident of Arizona. Personal installments and title installments are available in Nevada.

To qualify for short term personal money you are required to satisfy the following criteria.

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must have proof of a stable income
  • You must not be in active military service
  • You must be a holder of an active checking account
  • Have a government ID
  • Must have two personal references

To access a short-term title loan, you will need the above qualifications plus, having a clear vehicle title in Nevada and have vehicle equity in Arizona. The vehicle title must be in your name as well as have a current insurance coverage if you want $2500 and above.

Cash 1 insists on check accounts but they issue checkless loans for customers residing in Nevada.

Their loans do not require credit checks so you won’t have to worry about bad credits. In addition, you will repay the amount in equal installments that will not include prepayment penalties. Meaning, you only pay the interest for as long as you have the loan. To be eligible for installments loans secured by your car, you need to have a title and the company may conduct appraisals and inspections on the car.

In Nevada, the laws that govern lending put a cap on installment loans at 90 days maximum. If you qualify for a loan here, you can only repay the money within a 3-month period. On the contrary, in Nevada, the same loan can be repaid over a period of 210 days.

In the event where you have taken a loan and somewhere between approval and spending the money you change your mind, you are allowed one business day to return the money without any fees or charges.

For all of their loans, Cash 1 allows you to repay the amount early without accruing any fees. This is distinctive from most lenders who will introduce hefty fees for paying your debts early. In fact, this company advises the borrowers to pay their debts early to minimize the cost of loans.

For personal and title loans, you will need to have at least two references in order to qualify for the same. In Nevada, you will get your title back as soon as you clear the loan but in Arizona, you will have to wait until the waiting period elapses.

For title loans in Arizona, the APR will be between 156% and 204% depending on how much money you borrow. If you make a 10-day late payment, you will have to pay a 5% charge on the total unpaid balance.

In Nevada, the APR is between 168% and 390%. For title loans, an additional DMV fee of $20 is charged.

They offer several ways of accessing their services in the two states. You can apply by phone, online or walk in one of their stores to begin the application process.

Their short term loans require no credit checks and it’s a good thing for people with no credit records or bad records.

Since Cash 1 is a direct lender, the process is fast and they claim that you can have your money in as little as 15 minutes.

If you change your mind about the money, you are granted one business day to return the money at no extra charge. This may come in handy when you have taken the loan but before you spend it. A better option comes up.

The customer care seems to be a serious department. The company encourages you to express your dissatisfaction with a store manager through a toll-free number.

Cash 1 offers their services in Arizona and Nevada & Las Vegas. In these states, they have several physical stores although you can also apply online.

Cash 1 does not seem to offer discount codes to their customers.

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