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Cash Central Reviews

Cash Central is a short-term money provider that abides by the guidelines and regulations of the state. With over a decade of lending experience, they have honed their customer support to near perfection. As evident on their online platform, most customers give them an excellent review for the outstanding support and concern. With operation in most states, the application process can be completed in minutes.

Website: www.cashcentral.com

Cash Central is an online lending company with more than a decade of lending experience. They claim to have a top notch customer service and their website is not short of great customer reviews. The company is a direct lender providing loans to 25 states. They have several loan products which include payday loans, installments loans, and lines of credit. Cash Central has positioned itself as a pioneer in online lending with a different approach and philosophies.

Cash Central offers an easy 3-step application process that will get you approved in few minutes. They also encourage people with bad credit to fill out the application because their qualification criterion is relaxed.

Upon approval, the money is deposited to your bank account on the following business day. This condition only holds if the loan is approved by 7:45 PM ET Monday through Thursday. Loans approved after the specified time frame will receive funding on the next business day.

To submit the online application, you’ll need to have a verifiable source of income, a social security number, an active phone number and a valid check account.

For customers with cards that are acceptable to Green Dot network, they don’t have to wait for the next business day because funds can be deposited directly into their cards on the same day.

Upon loan approval, Cashcentral.com allows you a single business day to return the money if you have changed your mind. However, the lender supports responsible borrowing and will not allow customers to hold more than one loan. Once you have cleared a loan, there is a three-day waiting period before you can access another fund. This is in accordance with the state laws that require lenders to give their customers a cooling off period.

Loan repayment can be done via automated withdrawals from your checking account and if that is not feasible, you can contact customer care to get the best option depending on your state of residence. In the instance where you are not able to make payments, the company will give you an extended payment plan at no cost. To be considered for this plan, you must make a request at least by 7:45 PM a day before your payment is due.

Company’s line of credit loan allows you to access funds at any time as long as credit limits are not exceeded. There are no annual fees or a minimum finance charge, instead, you will only be charged when you receive the money. But note that charges will be applied once the money is in your account and there is no grace period. Every month you are expected to make the minimum monthly payment.

To qualify for a loan , you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Be at least 18 years or older
  • Have a valid checking account in your name
  • Have a steady and verifiable source of income
  • Have a social security number
  • Have at least two active phone numbers
  • You must not be on active duty in the military or spouse/dependent for the same.

The payday loans are designed to help you with emergency expenses. The term for a payday loan at Cash Central coincides with your next pay date. Normally, a term will be 2-4 weeks although some people can have them running for months. When you are approved for a loan, you will receive it on the next business day. To repay the loan the money is usually withdrawn from your account automatically.

Installment loans are usually flexible and the amount can be paid back in 6-24 months. The amount you can qualify to borrow will be $300-$5000 depending on your state and qualifications.

The line of credit is seen as a good option for most people because the application is made once. As long as you have some credit, you are allowed to get some money at most once per day. Although you are required to make a minimum monthly payment, you can decide to pay up part of your principal or even clear the whole balance in a month.

Company has a title loan which is meant to help people access higher amounts of money. Although they are short term, they need to be secured and the value of the car will determine the amount to be borrowed. Depending on your ability to service the loan, your state as well as the value of your car you will qualify to borrow $100-$25000.

To access a title loan, you must be the owner of the car and have current insurance for the vehicle. However, Cash Central is not a direct lender for title loans and they act as a link to the lender.

The fees and charges will vary depending on the type of loan taken, loan term and state.

To have an exact picture of the rates, select your state on the website. For an overview, expect to pay $17.64 for every $100 borrowed which could translate to an APR of 739.96% depending on several factors.

The application process is simplified and fast allowing applicants to have the cash in 24 hours.

The customer service is outstanding with quick response and a genuine willingness to help. You can call them at any time and they will address your issues.

The payment plans are flexible with a provision to take an extended loan at no additional cost. With most payday lenders, extensions are usually accompanied with hefty charges and Cash Central is pioneering change.

The resource center provides educational information aimed to help customers improve their financial literacy. Also, the Credit Plus is a great tool for tracking your credit score and knowing when you are improving. The best part is that the tool is free and links with a major credit reporting agency.

Repeat customers with a good credit rating can qualify for a loan faster and at better rates.

Company offer their services in the following states:

Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California, new Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, Delaware, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and Alaska.

In Ohio and Texas, the company acts as a link to lenders and not as a direct lender.

Address :6785 Bobcat Way #200
Dublin, OH 43016

Official Website offers regular discount codes for their customers. The most common discounts offer a 20% reduction on your first payday loan fees.

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