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In the American lifestyle, owning a car is seldom a luxury but a necessity. When a car that you depend on for daily use has some mechanical problems, you want it fixed as soon as possible. The problem is that sometimes you’ll be required to do a major repair when you don’t have enough cash with you. In response to the financial emergency, many people think of approaching the financial institutions for some boost.

However, service providers like the bank will rarely give you money required on time. Because other financial options leave out much of the desired aspects, Nation 21 offers fast and convenient loans that get your car on the road soon.

Payday advances from the employer

If you are an excellent performer at work and have spent some time on the same job, it may be easy for your employer to give you a payday advance. In addition, you could be at an advantage if public transport is not convenient to get you to work. This is simply because an employer will be quick to approve your loan application. However, if you are relatively new to work or you don’t have good relations with your supervisor, it’s likely that you’ll miss the opportunity to get the funds.

However, getting an approval for the advance is a double edged sword. Of course, it will help to get your ride back on the road, but you must be ready to put up with lower cash flows for the next paychecks. As a result, you will be forced to adjust your lifestyle to cope with the reduced cash flow.

Approaching banks for quick funds for auto repair

auto repair loans for bad creditBanks are seen as appropriate options to get a loan to fix some ugly financial patches until you try your hand and you come to a frustrating dead end. When this happens, you realize that their lending services are not for every customer. Unless your FICO scores are excellent, it would be a waste of time trying to make an application. Besides, who wants to drag their friend into co-signing auto repair loans?

If you get approved, it’s likely that you have endured a long application, verification, and lending decision duration. In most cases, this would amount to long weeks of waiting. If you are like most people who have one car for daily use, time is a luxury you definitely can’t afford.

Although you are likely to get slightly lower rates, the extremely slow process that is characteristic of the banks makes this option unviable. Besides, the banks will only work with you if your credit history is above a threshold which is out of reach for many Americans.

Using title loans and payday lenders

By now, you have heard about using your car to get a loan and then redeeming the title when you clear the loan. If you are relying on the loan product to repair your car you may be in for a big surprise. Most lenders will accept cars that are mechanically sound and that are in a good driving condition. Unless you have an additional car, it is almost impossible to get a title loan with a car in need of major repairs. Here you also run the risk of losing the other car in case something goes wrong.

However, using a payday loan to cover your auto repair bills may work up to a certain extent. If you are not careful when choosing the payday loan providers, you may end up in a worse financial situation than you started in. when you are dealing with emergency expenses for your automobile, you need a loan with a flexible repayment plan. This is because vehicle repairs can be very expensive and the last thing you want is your lender demanding the full amount after a week or two. Normally, payday loans are meant to take care of minor expenses that will not be too hard to pay on the next payday.

The most appropriate option for auto repair loans

If you have made any car repairs, it’s likely that you know the expenses can be quite high. If you get the money from the wrong sources of funding, you might end up in long term financial hardships that are hard to shake off. Your best bet would be on a loan product that has been specifically designed to spear head the best auto repair loans.

The good news is that you can easily find the best auto repair loans at Nation 21. To get a loan, you are not required to give up the title loan or give long narrations to justify the loan request. Unlike your employer, we don’t rely on friendships to approve your application but we uphold professionalism throughout the borrowing process. Having worked in this industry for a long time, we have the perfect understanding of the value of quick turnaround times for our customers. You’ll love the quick application and feedback with fast access to the desired funds.