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Af247 Reviews

Advance Financial is a family owned and operated finance company with headquarters based in Franklin, Tennessee. They provide online installment loans also called flex loans, with and without collateral. Having been awarded numerously for their business performance, the company is committed to forming strong, long-lasting, relationships with each customer. The loan application is simple, easy and their approvals are quick with instantaneous funding. Website: https://www.af247.com

Af247 provides online lending services in the form of Flex loans, unlimited free money orders bill payment, and wire transfers. The flex loans are instalment loans also considered open ended lines of credit.

An application is made once, and a maximum amount of funding known as credit limit, is approved. You can withdraw any amount desired until you reach the credit limit. Your payments and billing are made against your pay dates.

The rates and terms differ according to the state you are located in with the lowest APR rate available in Tennessee. The Flex loan can be paid back at any time, the fees and interest are only charged for the time you kept the money.

Af247 is a family operated company that provides short term flex loans at high interest rates. Their online platform facilitates quick flex loans application. Their quick online application takes minutes to complete. Once the application is submitted, the approval takes minutes and the money is credited into your bank account or debit card within a day.

The company operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With the Advance financial flex loans, you can apply for a minimum amount of $25, to a maximum of $4,000. The APR on these cash advances is based on a customary fee and a periodic interest rate. These are charged beginning from the date of your transaction.

Af247.com recommends that you borrow only the flex loan you can comfortably pay back as this loan represents an expensive type of credit. Making payments above your due minimum payment reduces fees and interest resulting in less time spent paying off the loan.

The company is concerned about the privacy of the information provided. To maintain data accuracy and ensure your information is used correctly, procedures have been put in place to secure the information collected. Any personal information collected is handled through SSL 128-bit encryption.

Company outstanding service is exemplified in the numerous awards they have received over the years since the company was founded. The company has been recognized for business and professional excellence, financial service provision and innovation.

An online chat assistant is available to help you whenever you get stuck or, you can reach the company on phone.


  • The minimum requirements to qualify for a flex loan are,
  • An photo identity card
  • An open and active bank account
  • Bank statements and other documents to verify income
  • Vehicle registration or title, in cases where your vehicle will be used as collateral
  • When you have qualified for and are receiving the flex loan, advanced financial will require you to provide the following additional documentation.
  • Your full names and date of birth
  • Your street address
  • TIN, SSN, or alien identification number
  • Information on your occupation
  • A government issued and valid Photo ID such as driver’s License or passport
  • Your transaction details and
  • Any other identifying documents

An advance financial flex loan offers you access to credit of up to $4000. You can choose to take a loan without providing collateral or use your vehicle’s title or registration as collateral. It doesn’t matter if you are still paying for the vehicle. The company does not reposes vehicles so your vehicle is safe.

You have the freedom to apply for the loan online or within any of the company’s 80 stores 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have a maximum credit limit from which you can withdraw until you reach the maximum.

Your due payment date is aligned with your payday for your convenience. On your payday, you can choose to pay the minimum amount due or top up an additional amount to reduce your balance faster. Paying down your balance means access to an additional cash advance within your credit limit.

All loan agreements undertaken by Advance financial are regulated by the necessary laws in the state of operation and borrowing.

Loan does not have any annual fees, penalty fees or late fees. Interest is charged daily for the period of time the loan is unpaid. When paying interest, a customary fee and periodic interest are charged from the date each transaction was made. The APR rates and interest vary according to the state the flex loan is applied from.

In all the six states where advanced financial operates, the maximum amount you are eligible for is, $4,000. In the states of Idaho, Utah and Kansas, you can receive a cash advance from $100 to $4000. The APR on these loans in both states is 360%.

In Missouri, a cash advance can be made to you from $500 to $4000 charged at an APR of 360%. In Alabama, the APR is 360% on an amount ranging from $2000 to $4000. The lowest rates can be found in Tennessee, where the APR is 279.5% on amounts varying from $25 to $4000.

Advance financial services offers a quick and simple application process online or at any of their stores.

  • There is no deadline by when you must have paid the loan and there are no penalty fees for paying early
  • Approval is quick and if approved, money is available in your account or credit card within a day
  • The loan is completely flexible in that you can pay the full loan amount or minimum installments as due
  • You get to work with a company that has won numerous awards and been recognized for outstanding professionalism and business sense
  • Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, this is a reputable company that has been around for a while.


Company is licensed to operate in six states namely, Idaho, Tennessee, Utah, Missouri, Alabama and Kansas. Although mostly an online borrowing company, it has 80 physical stores throughout these states, working 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week. They can also be reached on phone or via live chat.

There are currently no discount codes being offered by company.

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