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8 Reasons Why You Need To Accept a Low-Paying Job

It is not uncommon to have a family member, a friend, or a neighbor facing the threat of becoming jobless as an endless number of companies are either winding off their operations or looking to cut costs. It is also common to see someone hesitant to accept a low-paying job in spite of being jobless or about to be so. If you are one of the many facing such crises, you may want to know why you should accept a low-paying job.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

1) A Bird in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush

It is unfortunate that you are offered a job that pays much lesser than what you have been accepting a lower-paying job has its cons, but if you were to consider the immediate financial support, it offers you may want to rethink about denying the job. Moreover, many companies prefer employed candidates over unemployed and hence making use of the chances is advisable.

Also, consider the possibility of going without a job for a few months. You sure would not throw away what you have in hand for what you have not, right?

2) You Can Avoid Late or Nil Payments That Lower Credit Score

Your job is gone but the debt remains. Not honoring your payments attract penalty and you end up owing more. Having a job though it does not pay much will help you pay your monthly dues on time. Assume you refused the low-paying offer and landed on a good job only after a few months have passed. With no funds for the payments, unless you have a good amount of money in savings, you will be unable to pay your dues and this will not only increase your debt amount but lower your credit score thereby significantly reducing the possibility of getting loans in the future even you are jobless.

3) You Retain Your Confidence

Monetary difficulties apart, not having a job can have a devastating effect on your psychological well-being. Yes, it is true that accepting a job that pays less can affect your confidence but it will not be as bad as being jobless. With a job, you are at least earning to pay your bills, to survive, which matters most.

4) You Can Get A Second Job

Accepting a job that offers less does not mean the end of the world. You can always have a second job, which can more than compensate for the low income you earn from the first. One of the advantages of taking a low-paying job is that you will not be too busy with your work and hence a part-time job is always a possible option. There are amazing offers on the internet and you can work from home at a convenient time. These are the times when the second job proves better than the first.

5) Your Loan Eligibility Status Remain Intact

Whatever your income, as long as you are employed, you stand a better chance of getting loans. When out of job with a good number of debts to honor, you may go for debt consolidation. While consolidating your debts you need to ensure that the interest is lesser than what you pay at present. Getting a personal loan is a great way for debt consolidation and with a job on hand availing a personal loan is easier.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

6) You Stay In Action for a Better Job

Taking up a job that comes your way through it does not offer an impressive figure that helps you to survive until you get your dream job. You have a life to live, monthly bills to pay, loan repayments to honor and you need to keep looking for the right job. To do all this, you need the money, and having a job that pays less is much better than having none.

One of the fears of accepting a low-paying job is that you may have to face a future interviewer with a question on why you took a job that paid less. The scenario could be worse if you are offered the same amount or a little more for your new job. Well, it happens in many cases but not all succumb to such a situation. All that matters is how you handle the question. If you are straight forward with a convincing reply you have reasons to hope for the best.

7) You May Have a Better Prospect within the Firm

Not all dull beginnings end the same way. You may not have a great start with the job but that does not mean that you will not have a good run. Many companies offer a promotion to staff that performs above expectations and a hike in pay always accompanies promotion. With your dedicated efforts, you can always stake your claim for a higher post within the firm.

8) You Deserve Peace of Mind

If you are already experiencing stress associated with being jobless you sure will not want to prolong it. When you have responsibilities to shoulder the last thing you would want is to be out of a job. Less pay does not make you peaceful but at least you are not overstressed leading to health issues and a lack of confidence in your ability to be an achiever.

How to Stay Positive in Low-Paying Job

If you believe that staying positive in a job that pays less is impossible you cannot be more wrong. Your happiness lies in your mind. Life is full of ups and downs. While there are various reasons for the lows one achieves starting with self to the national economy, the ups purely depend on one’s approach to life. Every opportunity to rise is not achieved by sheer talent but because of the attitude. Staying positive is tough only for those who lack the right approach to life.

Overcoming Lack of Financial Freedom

The most distressing factor about such jobs is that you may believe that you will lose your financial freedom. Not if you plan your expenses well. If you make a list of all that you had spent on while earning good pay you may find that not all of them were needs. Cutting down your expenses not because you are earning less but because it is the right thing to do goes a long way in giving you your financial freedom. When you plan to save and spend you will have enough for you to use when you need and afford to spend on wants as well.

However, this may not be the case with all. Many people may be in a need to accept a job that covers only their basic expenses and hence they truly lack financial freedom. But again, such jobs give more time for them to commit to the second job thereby earning more to ensure financial stability.

Avoid Losing Position

Apart from the pay involved, the most restraining factor from accepting a job that pays less is the fear of losing one’s position. If you were in charge of a research wing in the past job you may not like being an assistant in charge of the new job. This not only affects you psychologically but also affects your future prospects. Hence, even if you fail in negotiating for a higher pay you can always ask for a higher grade to compensate for what you lose in terms of monetary benefits.

Making the Job Challenging

Next, to the position you hold, the job you have undertaken may not be as challenging as your previous job was. Well, this definitely hurts but you can always diversify your work by offering help to other departments. This helps to gain knowledge while staying positive and happy in the new job.

Life is not a bed of roses, and hence if you mind the thorns, the beauty of the rose is lost on you. You have your reasons for taking a low-paying job but you can never have a reason for not turning it to your benefit.

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