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How to Keep Your Financial Anxiety on Check

Many around you would understand if you said your financial concern is bogging you down mostly because they would have had the experience or they may be facing the same trouble as you are. Knowing this may give you some comfort, but it does not pay your bills. Neither does your financial anxiety. When you are low on finance, financial stress follows suit almost immediately, and there goes the prospect of improvement. With positive thinking and effective planning, you can come out of financial problems, but if you are going to be stressed, the condition worsens, and before you realize you are deep in debts and worries.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

Is There A Way Out?

For everyone, there is definitely a way out. However, it is visible only for those who are ready to think of it. When you have bills to honor, fees to pay, and rents overdue it is quite natural for you to slip into financial anxiety. But slip not, as it takes you further down. Money needs can be efficiently handled if you learn of the best 6 ways to deal with financial anxiety. Here you go.

1) Have a Budget and Follow It

Those with the habit of budgeting rarely make unwanted expenses or get into debts that are hard to repay. Hence, the first step to being out of financial stress is to have a budget. Budgeting helps to have a plan for spending and hence money for expenses that are expected and funds for unexpected expenses are allocated. This reduces the need to borrow.

Here is how you create a budget:

  • Note down the earnings you bring home.
  • Have your expenses categorized?
  • Identify excess spending.
  • Decide on the percentage of income towards savings. Let your savings be your first ‘expense’.
  • Consider the allocation of emergency funds.

While categorizing your expenses, you get to a figure that you may need towards these expenditures. Try to keep such expenses below half of your earnings. Cut down all excess costs. Once you decide on the amount you intend to save each month, adjust your spending accordingly to be regular with your saving habit.

2) Get a List of Debts and Keep the Numbers Reducing

You have created a budget and have allocated funds for your expenses including debts. Your next step would be to list your debts. Whether you can count your debts with the fingers of one hand or you need both your hands and feet, have the debts written on paper. Alongside write how much you pay towards each loan as principal and interest. Make an analysis and find out which is the costliest of all debts. Look for alternate ways to cut down on the interest of your loans; at least those that are expensive than others. If debt consolidation is on your mind, check if it costs lesser than what you are paying now. If not, try to close your debts one by one, starting with any order. With every loan closure, you will feel relieved from financial stress.

3) Take Your Family into Confidence and Get Their Support

Your financial worries affect your family as well. Sharing with your parents or your life partner has its benefits. Just to name a few:

  • Your mental stress reduces to a significant level.
  • The support offered by family on knowing your stress helps you to gain confidence in your ability to overcome the anxiety and the financial crisis.
  • Your family may also provide financial support.

Letting your family know your financial problems helps you to be assured of moral support. This greatly helps in relieving anxiety.

4) Knowing the Unknown Helps

Not in a position to comprehend what the future has in store is one of the reasons for accumulating stress. Start learning facts and shed ignorance on the financial matters that cause you concern. For anyone with financial worries, pending debts and fear of the future will be the worst concerns. Now that you have a plan to clear your debts look to undo the fear of the future. Know more about how much is good enough and how to save for your future when you are no longer in employment. Look for ways to cover your bills. Doing all this will ensure that your future is in your hands.

5) Increase Your Income

Two ways to come out of financial difficulties are to reduce your expenses and increase your income in other ways if don’t have a stable job and need money. Now that you have a budget and efficient ways to reduce your expenses, start looking to multiply your income. There are many genuinely great ways to earn. Taking up a second job, making your hobby your profession are some of the effective ways to increase your income. Thanks to the power of the internet, there are many jobs to take up online. Such jobs work ideal for you as you can follow your timing and earn from the comfort of home.

6) Make Investments

This is yet another way to earn. But again, you need a cautious approach while investing. Myer the rule that says not to put all your eggs in one basket and hence has diversified investments. You may avail of the services of an investment consultant for making the right investments. With every growth, make more investments, and don’t forget to make a deliberate move every time.

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The Important Other Perspective

So far, the monetary actions for relieving financial anxiety have been explained. There is another way to come out of financial stress and that is the mind’s way. Some of the best recommendations to play the mind’s game are given here:

Believe In You    

This is exactly where you begin. You may have many financial issues including bad debts. But if you were to think that you may not be able to make it, then you have created the negative outcome. To come out of your financial distress begin with believing in you. Place trust in your ability to get out of all the loans and financial commitments.

Note Your Strengths and Opportunities

Your financial anxiety may make you forget all the goodness and skills you possess. List your strengths and feel better about your ability to accomplish things. Look for opportunities around through which you can put your talents to good use. Playing to your strength brings you success and confidence. A confident person knows no barriers. With every success, you move not one step but make a leap. Success in life depends more on your character. Keep it strong and winning.

De-stress With Yoga

One of the best ways to relieve your mind from stress is to do yoga regularly. Yoga is a body-mind art that promotes the overall health of the practitioner. Studies have proved the effectiveness of yoga in relieving stress. Enroll in a yoga class and start practicing. Another advantage of going to a class will be that you will remain more committed to your yoga sessions, which will significantly help in relieving anxiety.


Meditation naturally follows your yogic practices. Once you begin meditating, you will experience a sense of calm, which aids in relieving anxiety. Meditation boosts your concentration levels, improves confidence, and helps to show gratitude for all that you have achieved.

A perfect blend of accurate budgeting, wise spending and saving, risk-free investments, or minimal risk investments and possessing confidence and strength of character will help you be relieved from financial stress and achieve a relaxed state of mind.

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your FICO® credit score!

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