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500 Fast Cash Reviews

500 Fast Cash is a payday lending company that specializes in short term loans. It is owned wholly by Red Cedar Services, Inc.. Red cedar is a tribally owned corporation chartered in accordance to the laws of the Indian Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma. As an online lending company, Company offers loans to borrowers with bad or no credit. Website: https://500fastcash.com

500 Fast Cash provides an easy, simple and fast loan application process completed online. It is regulated by the laws of the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma in addition to applicable federal laws. It is possesses sovereign immunity and is therefore not governed by state law. All loan applications and agreements with the company are bound to a class action rights waiver.

Once you submit your application, the loan processing department reviews it to confirm it is in order. If any additional information or documentation is required, you are informed immediately. If not, and the payday loan is approved by 2:30pm CST, the funds are available in your account within 24 hours.

If your loan is approved after 2:30pm CST, the funds can only be posted on the subsequent business day. All loan approvals are communicated through the email address provided during the application. The loan approval agreement summarizes the loan terms you agreed to during application and informs you on the expected availability of funds.

500 Fast Cash is an online lending company, specializing in short term payday loans that target customers with bad or non-existing credit.

It is not clear from the word go, how much money a borrower qualifies for. The information provided on your submitted application is assessed using specific company guidelines to ascertain the loan amount you qualify for. When your initial short term loan has been successfully completed, you are qualified for future loan amount increments.

The quick and easy application process is completed online, after which you are requested to review your supporting documents and sign them electronically. Getting approved means having your funds deposited into your checking account within 24 hours.

With 500fastcash.com, two loan repayment options are at your disposal. The first option involves paying the loan in full on the expected date. The other payment option includes establishing a personalised extended repayment schedule which is customized to fit the customer’s budget.

When you set up the extended repayment plan, you are obligated to sign a fresh agreement confirming your selection of the plan. With this plan, there are extra charges attached to your loan, resulting in higher payments at the end of the term. In case your situation changes and you are able to, you can clear the extended payment plan earlier without incurring additional charges.

The minimum requirements to qualify for a loan with 500 fast cash include all the following.

  • You must possess a checking account that is currently active
  • You have to be 18 years old and above
  • You should have been employed for at least the past one month or be receiving a recurring income equivalent to 1 month
  • You should be able to provide two personal references
  • Your minimum income should be at least $800 USD per month or more

You may be asked to provide additional requirements during the application process. Minimum income require will vary according to your state. In some cases, you may be required to provide proof of income before application approval.

Company is committed to helping borrowers with bad credit or no credit, access money as quickly as possible. As an online lending company, the easy, quick and simple application process is entirely online.

If you have met all the minimum requirements, the loan processing department doesn’t take long to approve your application. An approval email with the subject title the “Congratulations” will be sent to you indicating your loan approval.

All 500 fast cash borrowers have access to two loan repayment options. These include, paying the complete loan amount by your next pay date or creating an extended payment plan. Selecting the first option allows the company to deduct the payment from your checking account on the agreed date.

Establishing an extended payment plan is flexible, convenient and helps you customize the payments to your budget. The downside is that, the extra charges attached to it end up in a higher total loan payment. You are required to sign a new agreement with company  to confirm your selection of this payment mode. Paying up early on this plan is allowed with no penalties charged.

An extended plan allows a maximum number of times within which you can pay the finance charge alone, before having to pay up on the principal. If you select the maximum number of times on the plan, you can only make three finance charge payments, before beginning payments on your principal balance.

Any missed, returned or late payments on your loan with 500 fast cash will result in extra charges. If the issue persists, your account may be handed over to their collection department.

The finance charge on the 500 fast cash loan is calculated based on the amount you qualify for. Establishing the extended payment plan increases the charge. The exact fees charged on a payday loan from the company is not clear unless you apply. The financial charge on your initial loan cannot be altered and must be paid as they are.

The interest rate on your loan is based on the initial loan you receive. This rate is also affected by the choice you make between paying off the loan once and selecting an extended payment plan. The APR is only displayed on your agreement form, the last page before you sign it. Find your best offer with nation21

  • An easy, simple and quick, online application process
  • Automatic qualification to higher future loan amounts dependent on successful initial loan completion
  • A choice between two repayment modes offering the opportunity to customize your payment according to budget
  • Qualification to apply and receive a payday loan when you have a bad credit score or have none.
  • If application approved by 2:30pm CST, availability of funds within 24 hours
  • The choice to pay off your extended repayment plan early at no extra cost.
  • Reviewing and signing your supporting documents online
  • Quick loan approval easily confirmed through email

Company does not state clearly which states it operates in. However, they have addresses in Miami and Poland.

500 fast cash does not provide discount codes for their customers.

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