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“No Credit” Or “Bad Credit” –Quick Personal Loans for Qualified Borrowers

For those with poor credit, availing loan from banks, particularly a loan for urgent needs, can end in disappointment. Banks have a traditional approach to lending and they never dream of taking risks by offering personal loans for applicants with bad credit score.


It is precisely where private lenders enter the scenario. Private lenders don’t follow a must-have approach where qualifications of borrowers are concerned. They hardly go by the credit score, though it has an impact in their lending decisions. They offer both secured and unsecured loans with alternative credit check and hence with them the chances of getting a loan are higher even if you have a poor score or no credit. Don’t worry; such credit done on your profile would not harm anyone’s FICO score as it is just a part of the lending process from most of the lenders available in market.


For optimum results, send in your application to Nation 21, a leader in financing industry. We, at Nation 21, are not lenders but we partner with the most trusted lenders in the state. The services we offer comply with the rules that govern the state and hence your interests are well protected.

No Forced Lending From Our Partners

Our lending partners do not insist on seeing your financial papers, without which it may be impossible for you to apply for a bank loan. This is a fundamental difference between our lending network partners and the bank. Another major feature in which our lenders vary from banks and in your favor are that there performs an alternative credit check which is not as hard as the traditional system. The application is processed real quickly. The loan amount can be transferred to your account depending on the working business days.


The style of business here is very different from the experience you may have had with a bank. Once you submit your online application form, it is the lenders who come after you to offer you money.

Why and What Nation 21 Loans Promises

When you choose us, you are choosing one of America’s most trusted and respected leaders in quick cash loans market. Whether you have good or bad credit, we can match and compare you with a lender that will offer you a generous loan amount at reasonable rates.

Immediate Quick Cash Loans Offers Without Credit Check

Because we are one of the nation’s leading financial services organizations, we have strong relationships with the top companies in the industry. We use those partnerships to match you with a lender who will offer you no credit loans that are fair and reasonable. We understand that you want to resolve your financial problems very soon, so we have standing relationships with our lending partners to create generous loan packages that will meet the needs of almost any

Get Customize Repayment Terms

We know that you can get money from virtually any lending company, so we work hard to get you a loan with superior repayment terms. Our lenders have been instructed to only offer fast loans with the minimum rates and suitable repayment periods. If you don’t like one offer, you are free to choose one from the many other payday & installment lending companies on our platform.

Get Fastest & Competing Money Offers

Once you have chosen your option and signed the agreement, the last thing you want to do is wait for the lender to send your money. That is why Nation 21 Loans works hard to send you your funds as soon as possible, usually within a single business day. We only work with dependable partners who won’t fill your life with red tape or other delays. We promise to only work with organizations that value your time and understand that you need your money immediately.

Protect Your Privacy With Latest Technology

When you apply with us, all of the personal information you provide will remain secure and private. We use only the highest levels of encryption and data security to ensure that no one else will learn your application information. Our high-speed processing and matching system ensures you will find the right loan for your needs within minutes.

How It Works


Our online application only takes a few minutes to fill out and can be completed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Merely provide a few key pieces of personal information, and we will immediately transmit your profile to our associate lenders. They will quickly analyze your credit history and determine which lending options are best for you.

In just five minutes, our matching system will provide you with an array of borrowing options. These loan offers will come with flexible repayment options including variable Annual Percentage Rates (APR) and lengths of repayment ranging from anywhere 6.59% up to 39.99% for long term  loan products and somewhere between 261% and 1404% for short term lending mostly for 14 days.

Choose our instant loan that best meets your needs and finalize the contract. That lender will immediately process the loan contract and release funds to your bank account, usually within one business day once you are approved for funds.

Your bank should receive your unsecured cash by the following business day. You can immediately spend it however you desire—pay bills, meet everyday expenses, consolidate debts or for home improvement.


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